How to upgrade/downgrade my subscription plan

Into your Tattoogenda studio software,
you can find your settings on the bottom left of your screen
above your studio name.

Settings #

Go to your settings and choose ‘Administration’

Go to ‘Billing’

The plan that is indicated in purple is your current plan, in this example it’s called ‘Forever Free’.

You can toggle on yearly to see how much you’d save when you’d pay your subscription / year

Here you can choose to upgrade only since you are at the smallest plan.
If you were on a bigger plan already, you would see downgrade options to.
In this example we will click on ‘Upgrade’ for the ‘Expert shop’ plan

You can now see that your current plan is the Expert shop

When you scroll down you can see in your invoices the upgrading goes automatically

When do you get charged? #

When you upgrade, you will be charged imediatly.
The unused part of the current month that you already paid for, will be substracted from your new total.
Eg: you now pay 40€ and you upgrade to 80€. 3/4th of the current month that is paid for has passed. Now 1/4th of 40€ will be substracted from the new 80€, which will make you an invoice of 70€ total.

When you downgrade, the left over amounts will be prorated immediatly.
The unused part of the current month that you already paid fofr, will be substracted from your new total.
If this leaves you with a negative balans, the balans you already paid will be stored on your account, and credited from your next invoices.
Eg: you now subscribe for 40€/month, but the same day you change your mind to the 10€ plan. You won’t be charged anything extra when downgrading , and for each month comming up you will be using your balan of 40€. So your bankaccount will only be charged from your 5th invoice on.

Invoices #

Click on ‘Download’ for a detailed invoice or receipt

This action will take u to a new tab into your browser and you will see the following screen

Click ‘Download invoice’ to download this document

Click ‘Download receipt’ to download this document

When you clicked either of these buttons you will see your download is being processed

An invoice could look like this

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Written by
Sharice Vandenhende

By Tattoogenda

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