Artist customer list



Artist mailing lists such as the customer list are available only in the ‘Expert studio’ plan.

This list is automatically made of all clients who previously booked with your artist.
If you send a mail to the this list, customers who already have a future appointment with this artist will not receive this email.

Go to ‘Artists’

If you are logged in as an artist you will need to go to ‘Profile’. Your menu will look like this instead.

Click on ‘Edit’.
Or if you are an artist you will automatically go to your own profile.
In that case u can skip this screenshot.

You will see the following screen

Go to ‘Mailings’

To unsubscribe a customer

This customer is subscribed

Click on ‘Mail list’ to send an email to these customers that this artist is back

You will get a little popup screen with a preview of the email you are about to send
Everything between [square brackets] gets replaced by your studio’s information as long as you have set these.
Click here to find out everything about your Tattoogenda settings

Click ‘Send’

Here’s an example of what your email could look like

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Written by
Sharice Vandenhende

By Tattoogenda

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