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Consent forms

The form in which you ask your customers for:

Tattoo consent

By law a customer should give written consent


Eg. Latex


Not legaly required :), but this makes it more useful.


Ask your customer for correct spelling or correct dates.

No alcohol/drugs

Let your customers declare they are not under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Legal age

Is your customer 18 years or older?


When your customer arrives to get tattooed, open their appointment in your calendar and hit ‘SMS consentform’.
Now your customer will receive an SMS with a link. When clicked it takes them to an online page where the customer needs to answer a few questions.


These are the questions the consent form asks your customers:

You want other questions?

At this moment you can not choose which questions are asked in the consentform. If you have legal requirements that are not met in this set of questions, please contact support and we’ll add them for you!


When your customers filled out their form, you can view it from your digital calendar. It looks like this:

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