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picture of a medusa tattoo on an upper leg

You’ve seen the Medusa tattoos and now you want one,…

So why wait? Get a medusa tattoo and showcase your strength and style to the world. Trust us, with a medusa tattoo, all eyes will be on you

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New school tattoos: origin and ideas

Tattoo artists have been using their imagination for centuries as a source of inspiration now. Some more than others and new school artists? That’s all they can rely on.

Rihanna tattoos

Rihanna’s tattoos from head to toe:

How Rihanna introduced tattoo artist Bang Bang to the world of celebrities

Tragus piercing

Cartilage piercings 101: everything about the tragus piercing

.. Are you ready to make a bold statement with your ear piercings? If so, a tragus piercing might be the perfect choice for you! Not sure what a tragus piercing is? No problem! The tragus is that little nub of cartilage right on the inner side of your ear, just above the earlobe. And a tragus piercing is exactly what it sounds like - a piercing through that little nub of cartilage.

Celebrity Tattoos

Get inspired by celebrity tattoos on Tattoogenda! From small and subtle to large and bold, see the latest ink on your favorite stars and learn the stories behind their tattoos.

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Inspirational video's

Looking for some aesthetic tattoo inspiration?

Look no further! In this video, we showcase 16+ tattoo ideas for baddies by the incredible tattoo artist @helen_hitori. From delicate florals to bold geometric shapes, these tattoos are the perfect blend of beauty and edge. Get inspired and consider getting one of these stunning tattoo designs for yourself!

Patchwork embroided tattoos by tattoogenda

Patch tattoo artists

Tattoo artist interview simonhalpern

We Asked Simon Halpern - What Does It Take To Become An Apprentice?

tattoogenda's compilation for dark tattoos for men

If you're a fan of dark realism tattoos, you're going to love this video! We've scoured the internet to find the 9 best tattoo designs in this style, perfect for men.