The self-identified book worm Emma Watson we all cherish, surprised us when she showed up at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with some new ink.

However, didn’t she claim she’d never get tattooed?

Let's rewind

Going back in time just a few years ago in 2014, our beloved actress Emma Watson said she’d never want a tattoo. 

In the midst of the Derek Blasberg interview she mentioned she loves tattoos, but only on other people. She’s even got a whole Pinterest board for the tattoos she likes, but as she said herself, Emma Watson’s own self-image could not allow her to get one.

The motherlover fake tattoo

At the Glastonbury festival in 2010, Emma Watson was spotted with her (now ex-) boyfriend George Craig. That was not the only reason she turned heads at the world’s largest music festival. Watson had left quite the impression with the ‘Mother Lover’ tattoo on her right shoulder, that turned out to be but a temporary tattoo.

More than a pretty face

The ‘Beast’ actress is not only loved in the film industry, she’s also a fashion icon and a great role model. Just like Keira Knightley, Watson is not satisfied with just being an actress and/or business leader. She’s a campaigner, an advocate for social change and transformation.

Apart from her being a green celebrity, the fair trade supporter also fights the political injustice against women. From calling out governments, to supporting social movements, she wants to help protect women who fight for their rights. A feminist is the label some may use.

One of the things that are undoubtedly noteworthy, is the star’s $1.4 million donation to the Justice and Equality fund.

Showing up at the red carpet midst the Vanity Fair Oscar Party wearing a vintage black column gown with an embellished neckline, bracelet set including a recycled gold sapphire cuff (designed by Ana Khouri) and responsibly sourced ring, that wasn’t the only accessory that caused a stir.

The Brown educated Emma Watson showed up to the Wallis Annenberg Center with some new body art, a tattoo! On her right forearm, Emma had made a statement by getting some new ink saying ‘Times up’.

What the fight's all about

To sum it up, this is what the founder of the Latina magazine had to say about it:

Time’s Up was built on the foundation that everyone, deserves a right to earn a living, to be able to take care of themselves and their families, free of the obstructions of harassment, discrimination and sexual assult. We are very specifically focused on what I would call workplace issues. Fairness, safety, equity in the workplace. #MeToo is more broadly a campaign, a movement around all kinds of sexual assault.

‘Time’s up’ is the following step, a continuation of the famous #metoo movement created by and for victims in order to fight sexual harassment.

The ink

Now, the Time’s up tattoo on Emma Watson’s arm did raise some eyebrows but not for the reason you might think. It was missing a crucial element, the apostrophe.

”There is no question that #TIMESUP will be a global movement, as it should. A movement that is led by and defined by those affected by the issues, not by those in hold of the power.” – Emma Watson

Despite the missing apostrophe, we appreciated the effort as it definitely did put the Hollywood campaign out there.

Nevertheless, Watson luckily made a joke out of the tattoo typo on twitter, saying she’s got a: ”Fake tattoo proofreading position available,” along with ”Experience with apostrophes a must.”

Fortunately for Emma Watson, the ‘times up’ tattoo was just a fake. Surely they all had a great laugh at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Just temporary...

For the time being, Emma Watson does not have any real tattoos and she seems pretty content with temporary tattoos.

She does have an open-mind and a greater appreciation for tattoos, and we’re grateful for that. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll move on from fake tattoos and get some everlasting ones.

If she does, grammatical errors like with the ‘time’s up’ tattoo won’t be irrevirsible. But still… If Emma Watson can look past that, and see the real meaning, so could you. So remember guys, get yourselves a tattoo proofreader and don’t forget that apostrophes a must!

What’s your opinon on temporary tattoos? Are you brave enough to get a permanent one? Be sure to let us know!

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