Express Your Individuality Through Ink: Tattoo Ideas

Considering you’ve landed on our page, we’re assuming you’re here to load up on some tattoo ideas. Luckily for you, we’re full with blog posts that will get you inspired and give you a kickstart on your tattoo journey! So, worry no more, because we’ve got some of the best tattoo ideas collected in one place just for you.

Did you know tattoos are the one of the best ways to express your individuality?

Flower tattoos

Nature is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for unique tattoo ideas. From powerful animals to delicate flowers.

Speaking of delicate flowers, they make great tattoo designs. The tattoos themselves can be either bold or just like the flowers, delicate.

Depending on which one you’d like to go for, choosing a skilled tattoo artist is crucial for your tattoo to look the best it possibly can!

When it comes to the tattoo design itself, there are endless options. You can start by first picking which flower you want. Do you have a favorite flower?

Mine is a chrysanthemum, which is funnily enough a really popular tattoo subject! So, think about your favorite flower. If you have more than one, you can go for a bouquet of flowers, or combine yours with that of loved ones!

How can I express my individuality through a tattoo?

individuality = the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked

Think about what sets you apart from the rest of humanity. Everybody has got their own quirks or things they like that other people might not like, say, guilty pleasures. Try to own those things.

Getting a cool tattoo inspired by something like that is the perfect way to express your individuality!

This can include a tattoo design based on your interests, beliefs or personal experiences. Make it unique to you!

Another great way to do this, is to get something in a specific tattoo style! Luckily for you, we’ve also got a page on various tattoo styles.

Script tattoos

Another great source of inspiration is literature. No, we are not talking about just poems!

Literature = written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit

On the other side, if you’re the total opposite of a minimalist you can go full out with the tattoo design. I believe the saying goes, go big or go home!

This said, you can get inspired by songs and their lyrics or your books. Take a moment to think about a significant song for you and why it made the impression on you that it did.

The same can be done with your favorite book or random quote or life motto. It can be either one simple word or a whole verse!

The best thing with script tattoos is that you can go as big or as small as you want to. You can add things in and around the lettering and you can choose from multiple styles.

If you’re more of the minimalist tattoo folks, you can go for a simple font. Just be sure you go to an experienced tattoo artist if you do choose for a fine font, because those are easy to mess up.

Cool tattoos on cool spots

Additionally, getting body art done in a location that is not commonly seen can also be a way to express your individuality. For example, the inner lip or behind the ear!

We wrote about finger tattoos. Although, not a ‘rare’ tattoo placement, it’s also not the most common one.

Well, depending who and what your surroundings are, of course. Either way, you might want to check it out as it’ll give you the information needed before u make the decision.

It’ll also get you inspired as we’ve included a few pictures here and there!

Full sleeve tattoo - blackwork

This tattooing style is based on using exclusively black ink to create a range of tattoo designs. This can either be a detailed and intricate pattern or simple and graphic shapes.

A full blackwork sleeve tattoo is THE perfect way to make a bold and striking statement with your body art.

The tattoo designs can vary from traditional styles to contemporary styles!

Sleeve tattoos

If you want majority of your body covered in tattoos in the future, you have probably already thought about this one.

Getting a whole limb, arm or leg, tattooed is an art form in itself. I mean, all tattoos are! But a nicely done sleeve tattoo is really something else.

Full sleeve tattoo - color!

On the contrary, we have full color sleeve tattoos. This is yet another vibrant and eye-catching way to express yourself through body art.

Because there are endless amounts of colors, a full sleeve in color can hit a range of different effects from more subtle and nuanced to bright and bold!

Personal experiences

Something you’ve went through, something you’ve experienced shapes you as a person. Even if you don’t always realize it immediately.

This can be either positive or negative. Either way, think about an event that stuck by you and means a lot to you and try to find a way to incorporate that into your tattoo designs.

It can be obvious or subtle!

If it was a negative event, ask yourself what you learned from it. These less fun experiences we go through, often have a deep meaning and a deep lesson to learn.

Try to think about it! Tattoo designs that stem from personal experiences can bring out some of the most meaningful tattoo ideas!

All of Katy Perry’s tattoos are based around her life experiences! There’s nothing wrong with getting inspired from celebreties, so why not give it a try?

Katy Perry and the tattoo-map on her body

The much adored diva Katy Perry has got 10 tattoos total and they all have their own special meaning behind them! All of them are pretty small but nonetheless, if you aren’t planning on covering your whole body you can surely get inspired!

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If you’re looking for small tattoo ideas or simple tattoos, symbols can be your go to!

Symbol tattoos tend to be small tattoos, yes, but that doesn’t mean they have to be seen as boring. In the end, what makes a cool tattoo idea cool – is the fact that it’s original.

Researching different symbols and their meanings is the first step you can take. How? Well, if there isn’t a e.g. culture you’d like to get inspired from, you can simply look up the thing you want to represent, followed up with ‘symbol’.

This is how I found out there’s a mindfulness symbol! 

Angelina Jolie is one of the celebrities we wrote about that has a lot of symbols on her body! There’s no harm in peeking to get your flow going.

In our article about spiritual tattoos, we went over a few symbols aswell. Check it out!

Dragon tattoo ideas

We cannot leave out dragon tattoos when talking about cool tattoo ideas.

A dragon, a mythical creature, is a symbol of strength, power and good luck in many cultures. It’s also often associated with wisdom and longevity!

A dragon tattoo can be either really big and bold, or it can also be done as a fine-line tattoo.

If you want tattoo ideas for men, you’re in luck, because a dragon tattoo is great for both men and women! Although, we believe that no body art is reserved for only one of the sexes.

Did you know Billie Eilish has a dragon tattoo of her own? She calls it her ‘big boy’. If you want to read about it, don’t hesitate!


They can also be done in black and grey or full color! The sky is the limit.

Forearm tattoo ideas

A skull tattoo

Skull tattoos can represent multiple things and the sky is the limit here aswell when it comes to the tattoo art.

They can be for a loved one you’ve lost or it can even be for yourself. A new chapter in your life and the old you ‘dying’ in a sense, which in most cases is a positive thing. So, skull tattoos don’t always have to have a morbid meaning.

A skull with a dagger is the perfect example of a design that’ll fit well on a forearm.

A snake tattoo

Snake tattoos are great as they can be adapted for any part of the body. Often they’re seen on the forearm!

Snakes often represent rebirth and transformation, fertility and healing. So, if any meaning of these ones resonates with you, why not give it a go?

A portrait tattoo

Getting a portrait tattoo might just be the ideal way to show appreciation of a loved one, or even a celebrity! These can also be done in color or black and gray.

Maybe you want to get your tattoo ideas from the celebrities?

If you’re looking for more fun tattoo ideas, why not get inspired by the famous folks out there? Check the blogposts out, you’d be surprised with the meaningful tattoo ideas these celebrities had…