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Tattoo studio's

Digital calendar

The shopmanager, who made the TG account, will see the digital calendar of all artists of his shop.

Artists won’t be bothered with other digital calendars, they see only their own.

In they day- or weekview a red dot indicates appointments without deposits.

In the day- or weekview a green dot indicates appointments with payments received.

Horizontal bars indicate when to book for your guestartists.

We keep things simple and straight forward.

Shopmanager sees all artist calendars

In the screenshot above you see how TG’s digital calendar for your tattoo studio looks like for a shopmanager.
They see all the artists, and all bookings of those artists.

Each artist sees his own calendar

Here you can see what the artists account looks like. He/She only sees his own bookings. And no other artists to be selected.

Appointments without deposits

When an appointment did not receive a deposit, you can see a red dot.

Deposits can be paid in your reception, or via a payment button in an automated email your customer will receive after booking in.

Read more about how we handle deposits here.

appointment without deposit

Appointments that received payment

In the previous screenshot you also detect green dots.
Those indicate a payment was received for this appointment.
Payments are done in your studio, before, during or after the tattoo session.
they can be received by the artist or by your reception.
If all appointments for today have a green dot, you know your artist/reception is done charging money for today.

Guestspot periods

Guestartists are not always in your studio, they come for selected time periods. You can add these periods to your artists settings. If you did, then the guestspot period will show as a horizontal bar on top of your calender. Stretching over all days for that guestspot period.

This makes you know instantly on what days you can make a booking for this artist.


Ease of use

While offering all technicalities a bigger tattooshop might need, we kept TG as slim and easy to use as possible.

We won’t be bothering you with features that nobody needs, like stockmanagent, etc..


Tattoogenda is made especially for tattoo studio’s, and only for tattoostudio’s.
No mix with other systems that suits beautysalons or hairdressers.


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