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Guest artists

If they have a TG account, you can easily invite them to your shops calendar, so you can start taking bookings.

Indication when a guest is in your studio.

You can select which shop you want to see your bookings of.

The inviting studio chooses.

The inviting studio chooses

The guest can view and print his list of customer payments and share.

Invite travelling guest artists

Any shop with a TG account can create artists. Therefor each artist gets his own FREE TG account, from where he can see only their own bookings.

If a guestartist already has such TG account, because he/she worked in a studio before that also uses TG, then you can now invite this same artist to also join your studio.

You add his/her guestspot period for your studio in the TG artist settings, and you are ready to take bookings.
The artist can follow the booking you make for him/her, and even better: be prepared with all designs even before he/she arrives at your studio 😉

And what is cool for the artists: When logged in to TG, they can see all their bookings for different studios from their single account. They don’t have to log out and back in to a different studio.


appointment without deposit

Horizontal bar

Both in the shops account as in the guest artists account, the guestspot period duration is marked with a horizontal bar on top of the calendar.

The studio sees which artist is available when.

The artist sees when he/she is in which studio.

In the previous picture you can see the guestspot period of Roman Golubev starts wednesday 22nd.

Here you can read more about our digital calendar.

For the guestartist:

If you got booked as a guest in a new studio and you provide them with your e-mail adress with which you have a TG account, it will look super professional. 

It shows you are willing to arrive prepared to their studio, that you have experience in working in other studios since you know TG already, and that you can be well organised.

Can guests see the customer contact info and make their own bookings?

If you (as a shop) decide to give your (guest) artist full access, then he/she can make their own bookings, change the existing ones, as well as see all customer contact details.

If your guest is not at all tech savy, then you might want to restrict their options, just so he/she can’t do anything wrong.

We elaborated more on this topic in our features article about artists in general.

paying a tattoo artist


The key to happy artists and long term working relationships is transparency.

With TG the studio as well as the artist can see their list of customer that are finished, how much they paid, and what the artists share is.

These lists can serve as detail for invoicing or for when you pay your artist.


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