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No show fixers

Tattoo studio’s No show fixers Ask to every customer TG asks your booked customer, via an automated e-mail the following questions: Question 1 Do you

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Tattoo studio software, for studio's on top of their game!

Is your tattoo studio’s clientele growing? Are your existing clients in need of more attention, and your artists appointment book could be organized better?

This might be the right timing for you to start using tattoo studio software that suits your needs.

As a tattoo studio your job is to make your new and existing clients happy as well as your tattoo artists. This can be a challenge, as you have to do many jobs simultaneously. Think about customer management, appointment scheduling, release forms, your online reputation on social media platforms and in search engines, loyalty programs, etc.

Many tattoo studio owners are specialized in one aspect eg. managing appointments, and less in an other part of the tattoo business, eg. administrative work.

Let’s take a look at all Tattoogenda tattoo shop software features, and see if it can help your tattoo studio.

Appointment scheduling software

Tattoogenda (=TG) provides a digital calendar in where your studio managers can see all artists agenda’s. Each artist has a separate account, and can see his own digital calendar.

Read all about our digital agenda here.

Client management

For all clients you start keeping a history log. When clients book appointments with you, you will immediately see how much they spend, how loyal they were or if they were a no-show in the past, etc.

Read more about how we keep track of clients here.

Manage tattoo artists

Make all your artists happy and book appointments for them like never before. With our tattoo studio software you can set each artists own preferences like which tattoo style they prefer, how many deposit to ask, their socials to promote to the customers, and keep all projects details at their finger tips.

taking tattoo bookings

Email reminders

The best tattoo studio software has a minimum of sending at least automated appointment reminders to your customers. TG can do this by email or through SMS.

What TG does more than other tattoo software, is that your customers will also receive an automated email with their appointment list + a question to share how exited they are on their social media. This makes your studio spread widely on social media because word of mouth is the most valuable promotion you can get.

Follow-up and aftercare mails are also essential for the tattoo industry. They help you grow your (Google) reviews and with that your tattoo studios reputation.

Deposit tracking

TG tattoo studio software greatly reduces no shows. How? First, by requesting a deposit from every customer. Our automated emails are allowing clients to pay the deposit for their appointments with online payments. You can accept payments for the deposits, all you need is a Stripe or Mollie account to connect with TG. Second, with the appointment reminders we discussed before we also reduce no shows significantly.

Read more about deposit tracking with TG here.

Manage guest artists and guestspot periods

With Tattoogenda tattoo studio software you will always know exactly when your guestartists are available in your studio, and when not. A simple horizontal bar on top of your calendar indicates you can start scheduling appointments.

This system has been used by many of our guest artists in the past, and they all indicate our business is one of the best organised tattoo studio they’ve been to.


tattoo artist with loved shirt

Every software susbcription comes with 14 days free trial.

Resident artists

The resident artists of your tattoo studio are the local heart, where customers come back to. They provide the personal experience in your studio. They talk to clients in the same language and they mostly help you operate your point of sale.

Every tattoo and piercing studio starts and ends with your artists.
Read more about our features for artists here.

Tattoogenda subscriptions

Tattoogenda management software is a no brainer for any studio who wants complete control over their appointments, tattoo artists (in a good way 🙂 ), client management, reminders, deposits and payments.

Tattoo studio software keeps your tattoo studio well organised, and makes your artists want to come back to you, as well as your customers.
Online payments make sure you get more deposits, which in it’s turn makes your appointment scheduling cleaner, tighter, and more complete then other tattoo studios.

Starting price: for free

Single artists studio’s can use TG for free!

Also, each artist you invite with your shopaccount, can use TG for free.

Save time and check all our pricing plans here.

Other packages have a starting price of 16€/month and more.

If your shop wants to use the most advanced system for scheduling all your appointments and clients, then you can go for the expert shop subscription of 45€/month.


Our next tattoo studio software feature comming up:

Paperless release forms. We are constantly working on our tattoo sofware, so stay tuned!

Online booking

Since TG was made especialy for tattoo studios we prioritized functionality behind the scenes. As in most studio’s it’s up to the manager/receptionist to inform the customer how much time a tattoo would take, how much it would cost, which artist is the best fit for the project etc.
It’s not like in a hairdresser salon where you can pick one of the 20 predefined services that each have their own fixed price and duration.

Tattoo and piercing studio’s need more personal guidance towards the customer.

That being said, we are working on an intelligent online booking form that will help you to more clients and less management work. Online appointment booking will be smart, know your artists preferences and genres, can estimate price ranges and charge your customers a deposit. (no credit card required)


features comming up

You’ll hear from us when this feature of our tattoo studio software is launched!

These features are not including in our tattoo studio software, since we want to keep it easy and transparent to use.

take its low

Inventory management.
Although you can keep track of which inks you used in a tattoo, we don’t provide specific inventory fields. Ordering ink when it’s empty is not that complicate you would need an inventory management in our opinion 😉

Free website building services

You don’t need your own website to use TG. We manage everything on our own platform.

Body piercing studio software.
While you can definately add a piercing artist to your agenda, if you are solely serving the piercing industry (and don’t do tattoos in your studio), then we recommend you to go with an other management software that can list all possible services/piercings online, and let the customer book in directly. Such appointment scheduling software can automate more, since each piercing appointment has a fixed price and duration.

We don’t have such thing as ‘late arrivals’. Only ‘no shows’, ‘cancelled too late’ and ‘cancelled on time’ statuses in our system.

Calendar sync. At this moment we don’t offer a calendar sync to/from an other system, but we are waiting for the first request to come. Our support will guide you all the way, and see if any custom import or export can be done.

Sales: no promotions/sales can be offered to your end customer, since we don’t provide you with a webpage or web shop or whatever. It’s totally up to you to decide on your prices.

Tattoo studio software FAQ

A tattoo studio uses mostly a client management software with digital calendar. Tattoogenda is the best tattoo studio software you can use to get your tattoo and piercing studios organised like a boss!

Easy, go to your Tattoogenda customers list, order them by whatever you want, and there you have a list. If you want an other format than what you get here, just let us know, and we’ll figure it out!

For general appointment scheduling any tattoo artist who wants to be well organized can be a user of tattoo studio software.
The automated mails and appointment reminders to your customers make you look professional, and from there your business grows.

Smaller studio’s, with eg. 3 or 4 artists will need a little bigger system, since here not only the appointment booking, but also the follow-up scheduling of emails help you stay organized.
Manage your customer history well, and you will never not recognise last years client again 😉

Bigger studio’s, with eg. 5 to 10 artists will grow into the need of tracking the payments of all appointments in your point of sale. Especially the deposit payments and history becomes important.

How much does tattoo studio software cost?

Tattoogenda’s tattoo studio software comes for FREE for single users. Subscriptions for studio’s start from 16€/month and grow up ’till 45€/month if you want the most elaborate system to manage your bigger tattoo studio.

First of all: quality artists. It all starts with the results you deliver. Then a building, ofcourse :).
Decide on who will be the manager that takes all the bookings, and then start using the right tattoo studio software, like Tattoogenda.
Stock, like ink, needles, paper towels, and much more. Furniture for your working booth: customer chair, artist chair, work trolley, lamp, armrest and trashcan.

For your point of sale you need a counter and a few chairs or a nice bench. Don’t forget the wall decoration. Your room should breath art.

In some countries you might need a permit to start a business.

In some countries you might need a hygiene certificate to open a tattoo studio to.

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