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Membership Options

Single artist

1 artist
0 Monthly
  • Artist calendar
  • Customers
  • Automatic appointment lists emailed to customers
  • Email appointment reminders
  • Tattoo projects
  • See all your guestspot bookings in 1 calendar

Small studio

Up to 4 artists
16 Monthly
  • Main account sees all agenda's
  • Receptionist users
  • SMS Appointment reminders
  • Invite guestartists to follow their bookings

Bigger studio

Up to 10 artists
30 Monthly
  • Deposits
  • Payments
  • Financial reports
  • Shows booker
  • Auto aftercare mails
  • Ask for reviews
  • No-show/cancellation fixers

Expert studio

Unlimited artists
45 Monthly
  • Automated desposit reminders
  • 2nd deposit reminders
  • Auto cancellation when no deposit
  • Artist waiting list
  • Artist customer list
Very easy to use! I manage the agenda's of all our artists with it. Perfect to keep track of all our customers and inform them of their projects and appointments.
Anke Labaere
  • Single Artist
  • Small Shop
  • Bigger Shop
  • Expert Shop
Single ArtistSmall ShopBigger ShopExpert Shop
Maximum artists
Incl guestartists, resident artists, active and inactive
Admin account sees all artists
Admins can manage the calendar and customers and everything from all the artists
Artists only see their own calendar
Alse pricing, share, customer details, etc.. an artists can only see data related to them.
Appointment list automated mails
Customers can automaticaly get an email with a list of their newly booked appointments
Appointment reminder emails
Sends a reminder to the customer x-amount of hours before their appointment. You can choose how much hours exactly. 24h is default.
Appointment reminder SMS
Sends a reminder to the customer x-amount of hours before their appointment. You can choose how much hours exactly. 24h is default.
Aftercare automated emails
X-amount of days after the appointment, TG can send out autmated emails to ask if the tattoo heals well, to ask for a review, etc..
As an artist: see all your bookings for all studio's you work in
An artist can work for multiple studio's. If each studio uses TG, you will see all your bookings in one account.
Tattoo projects
Plan one or more appointmnets per tattoo project
Customer management
Keep details of all your customers
Customer history
Per customer you see how much they spend on you in the past, if they didn't show up before, if they canceled on you before, which artists in your studio they've been with, etc..
Artist management
Keep track of all your artists, their prices, their share, guestspot periods (in case of a guest artist), holidays (in case of resident artists), bookings, customer details, .. Artists can not read each others details.
Keep track of guestspots
Your main calendar indicates when a guestspot is happening
No show tracking
Appointments where a customer didn't show stay on this customers history. To warn you when they book in again in the future.
Cancelations tracking
When you book a customer in, you will see if they canceled on you in the past. On time or too late.
Replacement customers in case of no show or cancelation
TG asks your customers if they want to be notified if an earlier place becomes available. If a no show happens, you can draw a list of customers who want to be contacted.
Receptionist users
In case you have non-artist people working for you
See who booked the appointment
If you have multiple receptionist, each booking says who created it.
Deposits management
Ask customers for a deposit after booking in
Automated deposit reminder emails
Up to 2 reminders to ask for a digital deposit payment
Possibility to automaticaly cancel appointments that did not receive a deposit on time
After 2 reminders you can have the system cancel the appointment automaticaly
Deposit tracking
See when, to whom and how a deposit was paid. When it was partialy or totaly used, and how much is left.
Stripe integration
Receive your deposits on your Stripe account
Mollie integration
Receive your deposits on your Mollie account
Add a payment to each appointment. Choose tot use the deposit (partly) or not.
Payment lists and reports
Draw lists of daily or weekly payments, per artists, etc..
Marketing mails to artist customer list
You can choose to send out an email to all customers of a certain artist.
Artist waitinglist
Add customers to the waiting list of an artist, to then mail them when the time is right.
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Envisioned by a tattoo artist and studio’s owner.

Developed for the tattoo industry. 

Meaning envisioned by someone who knows the struggles and needs, for tattoo artists and tattoo studios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you choose to pay per month, you can cancel every month.
If you choose to pay per year, you can cancel the next years renewal.

You will be able to use Tattoogenda until the end of the month/year you were paying for.
So cancelling is only effective at the end of a payment cycle.
You can also choose to downgrade to the ‘Forever Free’ plan, that also cancels the payments but this way you can still login forever and see all your bookings and customers.

Yes, the first plan (for single artists) is forever for free.
The other plans all come with a 14 day free trial period.

You have to subscribe through the free trial before you can start a paying subscription.

Please do! Let us know what new functionality you want in Tattoogenda, and we’ll put our developers on it.

Are you using a different digital calendar, and you want to switch your data from there to Tattoogenda? Let us know, and we’ll figure out what we can do.

Send us your request + link to your IG and website to