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Marketing to your customer

Mail a summary of the newly booked appointentments to your customer, and ask to share on FB.

In this appointmentlist you can ask your customer to share on FB and let you know how excited they are.

Send an automated SMS between 24 and 48h before their appointment.

In these automated emails and reminders you can mention and link your studio, and also your artist.

Eg. the day after the appointment happens. You can choose how long to wait. Ask your customer if all was well.

In the same follow-up email. This realy works!

Appointment lists

After you made a booking for your customer, TG will automatically mail this customer with his list of newly booked dates.

No more business cards with manually written dates your customer can loose or their dog can eat.


In this mail you can explain your deposit rules, info on how to park their car or how to get to your studio.
You can also mention your socials, give extra information about how their day is gonna go, how they can be prepared..
Customers love this kind of communication!

Make them share on FB

In that same e-mail you can ask how exited they are, and to share that answer on Facebook with a tag to you!

This will give your socials a lot more action!



You can choose to send an automated reminder via SMS or via E-mail (or both). You can also choose how much time before the appointment takes place. We recommend 24h: enough time to be a real honest reminder, but not enough time to let them cancel on time without loosing deposit 😉

In those reminders you can again write anything you want, like promo for your own or your artists socials, etc

Promote your artist AND your shop

While you want to promote your studio, your artists will also apreciate it if you promote their socials.  Both can be true. In all the automated mails to your customers, you can choose to link to both: the socials of the artist that is booked with can be dynamically added to the content of your mail.

Happy artists = happy studio


You can also use this mail to (re) explain your aftercare instructions.

Follow-up after an appointment

A day after the appointment TG can send an automated mail to your customer.
Asking if everything goes well with the healing, if there is anything else they need, etc.
You can make these emails looks real and very simple, and you would be surprised how many customers love this extra attention. They will reply how happy they are, which is always nice to read :). Or they will reply with any issue they have, and this can boost the overal satisfaction score of your studio!

Ask for a review

This follow-up email is the best timing! Customers have forgotten a bit about the pain already to :), which is good for you.

If you send them this (automated) casual email to inform if everything goes well, then you can ask for a review at the end. It’s amazing how many people do this. It’s called reciprocity: you do something for them (ask how they are doing), and they do something back for you (the review).

Social proof is what you want for your studio to grow!

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