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Digital tattoo appointments

A tattoo project is your total tattoo, Eg a full sleeve.

A full sleeve project can have eg. 7 appointments.

You can easily spot appointments without a deposit and appointments with payments on your calendar.

Add a payment to your appointment.

In they day- or weekview a red dot indicates appointments without deposits.

No more accidental appointments that stay in the calendar when a project got finished earlier than expected.

A tattoo = a project

In TG a tattoo is called a project.

A project can be done in 1 hour (Eg. a name on a wrist), or spread over multiple sessions (Eg. a half sleeve).

Everytime you create a new appointment, you can choose to which project it belongs.

Here is where TG differs from other online calendars. In other systems all info belongs to a certain appointment. At best you can have recurring appointments.
TG is made especially for the tattoo industry, other systems were build for example for beauty salons, where each appointment stands by itself.

So our foundation is based on having 1 project for every tattoo, and adding appointments to that project as much as you want.



appointment without deposit

Appointments paid? Deposits received?

In the previous image you can see appointments with green dots, those have received payment already. You can also see red dots: those didn’t receive a deposit yet.

Read more about this in our digital tattoo calendar article.

Payment per appointment

Per appointment you can add the payment you received for it.
This can be done by the reception/manager, or by the artist if he/she is granted the rights to do this.
This screenshot shows how much deposit is available for this project, and you can choose whether to use that (partially) or not.
In the bottom right corner you can also see how many more appointments are to come for this project. Eg. this is the first appointment of 3.
This info helps you decide if you should use the deposit already or not, mostly we use a deposit only on the last appointment.
appointment screen

Customer history

When you start adding an appointment and you select a customer who is already in your system, you will see a summary customer history appearing. Read all about it here.

free appointment

Appointment 3 of 5

A project can have multiple appointments.
As an artist, you want to know how many sessions you have left with this customer. I can help you decide on details in your design.

Also, if the artist feels his estimation was wrong, he can now talk about it to his customer and see if he/she wants to take on more bookings for the project.

An other example is if your artist if finished after the 4th appointment, and while charging he sees this was appointment 4 of 5: your artist (or reception) will know they need to cancel the 5th appointment, so it does not occupy space in their agenda for nothing.

If you work like us, and you only use the available deposit on the last appointment, then this info will also help you decide if it’s the right time to use the deposit, or leave it there for next time.

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