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The automated emails send a payment button to your customer.

Keep your deposit on a project level, and pass it on to  the next session every time.

In your calendar you can easily see which appointments have no deposit yet.

If the deposit is not paid on time, TG can send automated reminders via mail.

If the deposit is still not paid, TG an automatically cancel the appointment.

See a quick history of everything deposit related.

add a deposit in TG

Pay a deposit in your reception, or online.

When your customer is in your studio, it’s easy to ask a deposit. They can pay cash or with the card, or whatever payment system you offer. That is what you see in the screenshot above.

If you make a booking through the phone or via e-mail, it works a bit different:

In TG, after you created a new tattoo project, your customer will receive an automated e-mail with his/her new appointment.
Inside that e-mail you can choose to ask for a digital payment. The mail will show a button to your customer, and if he/she clicks on it, they will get redirect to a payment page. The deposit will be received on your Stripe account, and your tattoo project will get updated with the payment.

In the image below you can see an example of how such mail could look like.

appointmnet list with deposit button

What we describe next is our personal preference, however if you want to charge 450€ deposit for a project with 3 sessions: 150€ per session, that’s fine to!

1 deposit per project

A tattoo is a project and can have 1 or more appointments.
Eg. a full sleeve is a project, and it has 7 appointments: 7 separate sessions in which you will be tattooing your customers sleeve.

A deposit is paid per project. Eg. 150€ deposit for the full sleeve.

If the customer shows up on his first appointment, you charge that session in full, and the deposit stays.
Same for all consequent sessions.

If your customer doesn’t show on one of the sessions: you take their deposit, and ask for a new one to continue with the nenxt sessions.

If on the last session everything went well, you can now substract the paid deposit from your total.



Appointments without deposits

When an appointment did not receive a deposit yet, you can see a red dot in your calendar.

If you look at your weekly shedule, you will see where the risk customers are. Are which one you want to give an extra call to see if they are still interested.

appointment without deposit

2 Deposit reminders

In the first automated email you have asked your customers to pay a deposit by clicking on a button and pay online.

If they didn’t pay, after 5 days, TG can send a friendly reminder email.
How many days exactly (3, 5, 7, 30, ..) you can choose.
After that first reminder, you can again wait any number of days, to send a second reminder.

Each reminder has the payment button, so the customer only has to click and pay. It makes the process for them super easy, and you will see that a lot more customers pay their deposits like this!

automatic cancellation

Auto cancellation?

If you want to take it even further, you can make TG send one more mail after x amount of days after the second deposit reminder.

In that mail you state that the appointment has been cancelled because you did not receive a deposit on time.

You can then also invite the customer to just reply on that email in case they want to keep their appointments or reshedule.


Wether you use this option depends a bit on your waitingtimes. And how strict you can be with your customers.

Deposit history

Sometimes it can get complicated to keep track of a deposit. We came across many of these situations in our studio:
Customer A books in, januari 2023, for 3 sessions, and pays 150 deposit.
After the third session customer A decides to book 2 more appointments, and forward his existing deposit to the new dates.
On his first new date the customer doesn’t show, so he looses 150 deposit.
You ask for a new deposit, but it doesn’t get paid, yet you let the last appointment go on.
At the end of the last session.. you can get confused about how much deposit you should substract from the total.
Also, sometimes people insist on paying a higher deposit, eg. 400€. When they don’t show up you choose to only charge 100€ lost deposit.
Or they pay 450€ deposit, for a project with 3 sessions, and each session you substract 150€ deposit


deposit log

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