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Envisioned by a tattoo artist and studio owner.
Developed for artists and studio’s on top of their game!
Get organized with Tattoogenda and keep digital track of your appointments and customers.


Digital calendar

Keep track of all your appointments.


Send automated emails and SMS’s to your customers

Collect deposits

Let your customer pay a deposit to confirm their booking.

Reducing no-shows is our Priority

You (and your artists) will sleep better knowing that TG is collecting deposits from your newly made bookings.

Make your customers feel cared for

Your customers will get a more professional impression of your studio with every automated mail they get.

The automated SMS reminder before their appointment eliminates no-shows drastically!

Secure deposit payments

It feels safe knowing TG collects deposits from your new bookings.

You can let TG send out 1 or 2 reminders to collect the deposits when not paid immediatly.

Or even cancel them automatically when not paid on time.

No-show fixers

In the rare occasion a no-show happens, it is reassuaring to know that TG kept a list of customers who indicated they want to take earlier last-minute spots.

You don’t have to do all this work manualy, this info gets collected when customers pay their digital deposit.

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Appointments made

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Happy Clients

Educate your Customers

Does explaining the same information to each customer take your energy?

Let TG automate part of this for you.

Explaining again
More Free Time

Grow your Reviews.

Having a great collection of reviews, on Google and elsewhere, helps future clients decide to book in with you.

Law of reciprocity

Digital consent forms by SMS

Let TG send an SMS to your customer when they arrive at their appointment.

Legal stuff

Asks your customers if they consent to their tattoo being done by you, if they understand the risks, if they declare not to have skin problems or diseases, etc

Correct spelling

Let your customer fill in the correct spelling, correct date, etc.. for their tattoo.

If a problem ever occurs, you can use this filled out consent form to show them they provided you with the spelling.


Ask your customer if they are allergic to eg. latex. If so, you will see it on your clients profile, so you know to use nitril gloves instead.

If you want to take better care of your clients, inform them well, send the automated reminders, reduce no-shows and grow your reviews -> TG is for you.
Depending on the subscription you choose, you can add 1 or more artists.

Go to artists, pick your artist and choose 'edit'.
On the tab 'financial & planning' you can now add a guestspot period by selecting a start date and an end date.
This period will now appear as a horizontal bar, in your artist's color, on top of your calendar. This bar shows you where to make bookings.

Login to TG, go to  Settings > Administration.

On the tab 'Billing' you can upgrade or downgrade freely.

You Are Our Priority

Our dedicated team is ready to answer all your questions, guide you through the setup, and even teach you how to configure your system better. Our support staff realy works in a tattoo studio that runs on TG. So we get it.. and we can provide real world examples with our explenations.

In the other direction, we are very interested in learning how you run your studio!

Expert Team

The team working at TG is also a team that runs their own tattoo studio. We get you!

Sandy Verfaille

Tattoo artist
Studio owner

Tom Vansteeland

Tattoo studio manager

Anke Labare

Booker & tester
Tattoo studio manager
Customer Support


What users Say About TG

This is a grip out of the testimonials on SourceForge. Check out the full lenght reviews there.

Ease of use on both laptops and smartphones, intuitive interface, solid functionality under the hood and nothing superfluous. No significant deficiencies found.

Al M. Tattoo artist

Very easy to use, makes a quick view of all the appointments of all my artists, and a clear view of my guest artists coming. I needed some time to adapt to the system, because all the possibilities.

Michael D. Studio owner

After working on the project, I see that it has a lot of potential of reaching many interested people, and I can tell that the support users might need from Tattoogenda will always be very good.

Joao Victor Developer

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