Early Life and Artistic Inclinations

From a young age, Laura was deeply immersed in the world of art. “I liked art since childhood, already as a kid I used to do some ceramics and painting. I remember my mom telling me and my siblings that we could choose an activity after school, and I always chose painting,” she recalls. This early interest led her to pursue fine arts at university, although she soon realized she craved a more hands-on approach. This yearning guided her to Stick Art Studio, Spain’s premier school for artistic makeup, where she delved into body painting.

Breaking into the Tattoo Industry

Laura’s fascination with tattoos began at 18, but it was after completing her makeup course that she decided to explore tattooing. She reached out to Ivan Cubas, a renowned tattoo artist in Mallorca, who became her mentor. “I started to do my first tattoos then, and since that, I couldn’t stop!” she says. Laura’s background in various art forms provided a strong foundation, making the transition smoother. Under Cubas’s guidance, she quickly honed her skills.


Tattooing: A Lifestyle and Passion

Over time, tattooing has become more than just a profession for Laura; it’s a lifestyle. Her passion has only intensified, allowing her to blend her love for travel and art. “Tattooing has become my lifestyle. I travel and tattoo together, which I enjoy a lot. It brings me the opportunity to meet many new people around the world while sharing my art. It is a wonderful balance!” she shares.

Defining a Unique Tattoo Style

Laura’s tattoo style is distinctive, focusing on micro-realistic designs with a touch of sketch. Her subjects predominantly feature marine life, such as whales, turtles, sharks, and manta rays. “Marine animals are my favorite subject to tattoo,” she says with enthusiasm. Her design process is collaborative, working closely with clients to bring their ideas to life while infusing her unique style and technique.

The Most Satisfying Aspect of Tattooing

For Laura, the most rewarding part of tattooing is the client’s reaction upon seeing the finished piece. “When I finish and I see the client’s reaction, I enjoy that a lot! Also, because I watch the results,” she explains. This moment of shared joy underscores her dedication to her craft.

Continuous Evolution as an Artist

Looking ahead, Laura aims to balance her time between painting and tattooing, continually refining her skills. “Eventually, I’d like to dedicate more time to painting, I miss it. And with tattooing, I hope to keep improving and learning new techniques every day,” she says.

Upcoming Masterclass and Industry Insights

Laura is set to host a Masterclass on June 28th, targeting tattoo artists eager to enhance their realism techniques. “What I am going to teach in this masterclass is not about tattooing from scratch but how to improve their technique to do more realistic tattoos. I will also share some tips from my personal experience in the tattooing industry,” she explains.

Tattooing Across Europe: A Rich Learning Experience

Tattooing in various studios and conventions across ten European countries has enriched Laura’s skills and broadened her perspective. “Tattooing all around Europe taught me many things. Every studio, every owner, and every tattoo artist that I have been working with made me improve myself not only in tattooing but also in organization, how to run a studio, how to treat clients, what materials are better to use, etc.,” she reflects. Among her many experiences, working at Needle Tattoo in Prague stands out as particularly memorable.


Continued Evolution:

Laura Mestre’s journey from a passionate young artist to a celebrated tattooist is inspiring. Her story underscores the importance of dedication, continuous learning, and the joy of sharing art with the world.

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