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Tattoogenda Functionalities

We provide:

Appointment sheduling

A digital calendar in where your studio managers can see all artists agenda’s. Each artist has a separate account, and can see his own digital calendar.

If you are a single artist, the whole calendar is yours.

Customer management & history

Each appointment needs a client. For every client you create, a history log is started.  When clients book appointments with you, you will immediately see how much they spend, how loyal they were or if they were a no-show in the past, etc.

Artist management

Make all your artists happy and book appointments for them like never before. With our tattoo studio software you can set each artists own preferences like which tattoo style they prefer, how many deposit to ask, their socials to promote to the customers, and keep all projects details at their finger tips.

If you are a single artist, great, you only keep track of yourself.

Automated emails

Tattoogenda sends out a series of automated emails to your customers. Their list of newly booked appointments, deposit maills, appointment reminders, aftercare, .. Each notification can be tweaked according to your preferences.

You can eg. ask for reviews, ask to share on socials, provide info about lunch, parking, how your artists work, ..


Deposit tracking

A customer can pay a deposit while booking in, or later through the deposit emails. They can pay a deposit per tattoo project, and you choose on which appointment to deduct it from the total. Keep a log of when a deposit was paid, how, when it was used, how much is still left, etc.

Consent forms

When your customer arrives at his appointment, you let TG send an SMS with a link to their online consent form.

In that form, the customer fills in all legal requirements, gives consent for his tattoo, writes the correct spelling if applicable, mentions allergies, etc.

You will see the filled out consentform appearing on the appointment in your agenda.

Resident artists

The resident artists of your tattoo studio are the local heart, where customers come back to. They provide the personal experience in your studio. They talk to clients in the same language and they mostly help you operate your point of sale.

Every tattoo and piercing studio starts and ends with your artists.

For single artists, this doesn’t matter. You’ll be your own resident artist in your own TG account. But you can also see your guestspots with the bookings in other studio’s from inside your own TG account.

No show fixers

No-shows are reduced drastically by the use of TG! But WHEN they happen.. we got you covered:

When a customer pays his deposit online, we ask them also if they want to be contacted in case a no-show or cancelation happens.
So when you have an empty date because your customer doesn’t show, you can draw a list of future customers who indicated they can take such place on short notice and give them a quick phone call.




With Tattoogenda tattoo studio software you will always know exactly when your guestartists are available in your studio, and when not. A simple horizontal bar on top of your calendar indicates you can start scheduling appointments.

This system has been used by many of our guest artists in the past, and they all indicate our business is one of the best organised tattoo studio they’ve been to.

If you are a travelling artist: with TG you can see all the studio’s you’re about to visit from inside your one TG account. Now you can follow your bookings and be prepared!

Send aftercare mail & grow reviews

After each appointment you can have TG send out automed aftercare mails.

In such mails you can explain aftercare instructions again. But here you can also ask for reviews. You’d be surprised how many customers want to do you this pleasure!

It’s also the perfect opportunity to ask how it’s healing, or to keep you updated about the healing proces.


Per appointment you can add a payment. Was there cash used? Card? Giftvouchers? Deposits?
Also deposits and sale of merch or giftvouchers can entered into the system.
From all input you can draw lists per day, per week, per artists, etc.

Simplifies invoicing, paperwork, and other bureaucratic jobs.


Do you have your own giftvouchers for sale?
Great! Add each sale of a giftvoucher in your Tattoogenda payments, and mention the (bar) code of your voucher on your sale.

Now you can select the right giftvoucher to use when entering a tattoo payment.
Keep track of all open giftvouchers, outstanding amounts, expired vouchers, etc..

We'd like to hear what You want from a tattoo studio software

If there’s a feature missing that you would love to use, please let us know! Our system is in continuous development, and a lot is possible.

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