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For artists and studio’s on top of their game!
Keep digital track of your appointments and customers.
For single artists staying in their own shop, or traveling the world; as well as for small to very big studio’s looking to book their artists as seemingly as possible.
Bring a customerfriendly AND artistfriendly service to your tattoo studio with Tattoogenda’s tattoo shop software!

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Tattoogenda tattoo shop software
reduce no-shows

Reduce No-Shows

Tattoogenda sends automated reminder SMS and/or emails to your customers, right before their appointments. We make sure your deposit rules get read by your clients too.

Make quality bookings

The steps to create a tattoo project are designed so you or your manager can ask all the right questions to your customer. Like placement, size, color or black and grey, etc...

No more writing mistakes

When making new bookings, the list of dates gets automatically emailed to your customer. No more writing mistakes with manually written dates on business cards.

Discussions about deposits?

No more! Keep a detailed track of when a deposit was paid and how. See when the deposit got used to make a session's payment, or when it is still valid/unused.

Customers don't trust you enough?

Ask for reviews in the automated aftercare emails. More reviews = more social proof = more trusting customers.

Getting asked the same tattoo ideas time and time again?

Tattoogenda gets your receptionist trained better, grows their confidence with reviews and shows professionality to your customer. All of these things make your customer more open to your artistic input.

You dread the paperworks?

From the 'bigger shop' plan and on, you can keep track of all the deposits and payments. Draw lists of your daily revenue, so you can easily comply with your national law.

Details are scattered all over the place?

One customer sends an IG message, another one via Messenger, email, .. Keep all of the details centralized in one system with Tattoogenda!

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Can't find quick replacements for no-show?

In Tattoogenda you can draw a list of your customers that wish to be contacted in case of no-shows or cancellations.

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Tattoogenda tattoo shop software is much more then a digital calendar for tattoo studio’s. Here are some of our features:

Artist calendar

A tattoo studio can have 1 or more artists. Every artist can see their own calendar. If you add a manager, he/she can see all of the shop's artists and their calendar. Our plans are suited for single artists up to expert studios.

Appointment emails

After making a booking for your client, they will receive an automated email with the list of their new dates, and some more information about your studio. No more miscommunication!

Appointment reminders

Choose to send email and/or SMS reminders to your clients, a few hours or days before their appointments. This reduces no-shows drastically!


Awkward asking deposits to your customer? Let the automated appointment email ask for it instead and have your customer pay immediatly through the digital payment button in that mail. Keep track of the deposit. When it was paid, if it is used already or if it is still valid.

Deposit reminders & cancelation

If your customer is not paying his deposit fast enough, the system can send out automated deposit reminders, with again the payment button in the mail. After 2 reminders you can even choose to have the system cancel the appointment.


Quick access to your customer details, incl email and phone number.


A tattoo is a project. For example a project can be a full sleeve with 8 tattoo sessions. Or it can be a small tattoo with 1 tattoo session. Quickly see which appointments belong to the same project. See your project's details in every booked appointment.

Aftercare mails

A few hours or days after the tattoo appoinment, you can send an automated mail to your customer. Asking if the tattoo heals well, reiterate over aftercare instructions and... ask for a review. This can grow your social proof exponentially.

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Different bookers

For big shops with a lot of artists, it can be useful as an artist to see who booked your appointment. So you can adress your questions/instructions directly to the right person.
For small shops, the artists make their own bookings and this feature is not necessary.

Handle no-shows

If a customer is not showing up, it can bring you an unwanted empty day. When a customer is booked in and pays online, he/she is also asked if they want to come earlier in the case of no-shows. If it happens: draw a list of customers that indicated they can come as a last-minute replacement.

Handle cancellations

If a customer cancels, chances are you can't replace their empty spot fast enough. When a customer is booked in and pays online, he/she is also asked if they want to come earlier in case of cancellations. If it happens: draw a list of customers that indicated they can come as a replacement.


If you choose for the 'Bigger Shop' plan or higher, every appointment can have a payment. Enter the payment method(s) a customer used, the amount, how much deposit was used, etc. Then draw a list of e.g. your daily total income per artists, for all artists together, etc. Payments can be changed, deleted, moved, etc.. according to your needs.

Artists waiting list

If you have a guestartist and you are not sure when he/she is coming back - or you are not sure when your resident is taking bookings again: add the customers that ask for this artist to the waitinglist. If the dates are known: send an automated mail to this waitinglist. When a customer on that list gets booked in: you can choose to remove it from that list.

Artists customer list

Send out promotional emails to the customers of one specific artists. E.g. let all customers of guestartist A know that their artist is gonna be back in a few months. Or let all customers of resident artist B know that the artist will be attending a convention and is looking for customers there.

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As a shop: Add guestspot periods for your guestartists. Your calendar will show which period of time they are available for bookings in your studio. As an artist: see the different shops where you work, including the bookings, indicated in the same calendar.

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