Details are scattered all over the place?

Ah, social media. We tattoo artists love it and we hate it. On one hand, it gives us the benefit of visibility and our work can get more *out there* than without it, on the other… it can suck to keep up with it. Especially when clients start contacting us through various channels to book in.

At the beginning, we might be eager to just take on clients from wherever they contact us, but as a lot of tattoo artists have noticed – it isn’t that sustainable long term. One client might contact you through Instagram with the name ‘ashley777’ so you book her in as Ashley and then a few weeks later she contacts you again, this time by email ‘’ with a question. So it begins, the endless confusion.

Or another client might book in via Instagram, to then send you follow-up information through messenger a few weeks later. So, when you start with the preparation for the appointment, you’re now playing hide and seek with the needed information. It’s time consuming and frustrating.

Using TattooGenda however makes this whole process easier for you.

Keeping everything in one place

Our software is set up in a very user-friendly way. This means that everything from the booking process until the payment of a session is simplified, so that you can keep a nice and clear overview of every single detail.

In your calendar, you basically have a weekly overview of all your upcoming appointments, but you can also choose to set it on daily. This is an example (client’s and artist’s info is blurred out). As you can see, by simply hovering you can see the essential details for the specific appointment. If you click open the appointment, you can see the project’s details in depth (placement, size, reference pictures, etc…).

It doesn’t matter if you’ve booked in via Instagram, messenger or your email, because you’ve got it all gathered in one place. Using TattooGenda makes it way easier to find all of the required information regarding an appointment. No more hide and seek games throughout social media and the steps for making a quality booking are laid out for you.

If your shop works with a receptionist who’s in charge of everyone’s bookings, the software ensures that the miscommunication between artist and receptionist is minimized. All of the information is there to receive for both parties. When the booking was made and by whom, how and when a deposit was paid, appointment details, customer history, etc…

Online bookings made easy

If you want to simplify the process of online bookings even further, TattooGenda has all the tools to help you.

Instead of letting the communication go through various social channels, you can opt to redirect your clients to your email address. From there on all you need to do is request the required information from your client in order to be able to make a booking, such as details about the tattoo and agreement upon a date and hour. Once booked in, everything will be taken care of by our software, meaning: appointment confirmation email with an appointment list and depending on your subscription – a deposit request with a payment button and if necessary a deposit reminder, appointment reminders, automatic cancellation when deposit hasn’t been paid on time and an automatic follow-up/aftercare email post session.

You need to request your client’s email in order to be able to book in anyways, so why not let the whole communication go through your email to start with? This also eliminates the urge some clients have to keep on chatting back and forth through social media.

What TattooGenda is not and why

We’re well aware of the fact that other calendar software’s have the function of connecting your socials to it so you could see all of your incoming messages from different platforms.

We deliberately chose not to include this in our service. Why? Because.

Kidding! We did so, because in our opinion having your socials connected to your agenda platform where you keep all of your bookings in a neat space could be an extra stress factor added onto your plate.

For a lot of us, the thought of social media messages is already dreadful – so, why incorporate them into a system that works perfectly well without them?

As explained up above, we’re big supporters of the concept of keeping everything in one place to avoid confusion. Your socials being connected wont stop confusion arising. A client can still contact you through multiple channels or change their name. The only difference is that you wont have to go on the actual app to play the hide and seek game.

Another reason for this is the fact that Facebook and Instagram constantly update their rules and systems. You know what we mean by this, you’ve probably experienced it too. Every few months when there’s an update suddenly your visibility on social media starts to plummet and now your approach has to change, because the algorithm has done a 180° flip. Well, these updates would also have an impact on our system. Every time something changes, we have to update too – which slows down the working of our software, which in return makes the user experience less enjoyable.

So, to keep it as simple as possible we decided to exclude this feature from our system. You can generate an automatic response on e.g. Instagram and messenger that redirects your clients to your email address and voila! A whole job is taken off your hands.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact page, or you can leave a comment down below and we’ll answer you as fast as humanely possible.