Reduce no-shows in your tattoo studio

One of the most annoying and disappointing things about being a tattoo artist or owning a tattoo studio is clients who cancel too late or even ghost you. Let’s be honest here, it’s really disheartening when a client doesn’t show up. It can even make us feel less worthy.

Even more so if it was a project you were really looking forward to and spent hours of time preparing for. In reality though, it doesn’t matter if that project was exciting or not – your livelihood will still be impacted.

Majority of us tattoo artists are self-employed. Whether it’s a day session or a 2 hour session our income will still be affected negatively. No income = no money to pay for necessities, no money to pay for necessities = can’t survive and/or can’t support your family.

This is why our team here at TattooGenda made a plan for your no-show rates to rapidly decline! Here’s how we do it.

Automated emails

One of the ways us tattoo artists use to reduce our no-shows is through a deposit. If you’re first starting out however or have social anxiety – this might not come naturally and you might be hesitant to ask for it. As a result, lots of tattoo artists out there simply just don’t dare to ask and consequently they get more no-shows.

Our team here at TattooGenda took this awkwardness away from you. How? Through an automated email.


On top of the list with their bookings, this same email can include your own deposit rules and a deposit payment button. This not only ensures that the awkwardness from asking a deposit is taken out of your hands, but it also creates new opportunities for booking via email – or it at least simplifies the process a lot!

This automatically also guarantees, that later on if a client didn’t show up or cancelled too late, but still starts being difficult about you collecting their deposit – you have rock hard proof of sending them the rules beforehand.

No more customers unaware of your deposit rules: it’s in their email inbox.

If you go for the expert studio subscription, you can have the system send out deposit reminders as well. E.g. reminder 1 is sent out 7 days after the initial email and then you could even send a second reminder after 7 more days. For those that wish, there’s also an option for automatic cancellation of the appointment after the second reminder has been sent and a deposit hasn’t been paid. The amount of time between the reminders is completely up to you! Here you can read more about how our system manages your deposits and makes your life easier.

Appointment list + reminders

Once a tattoo has been booked in, it becomes a project in TattooGenda. A project can either consist out of one or multiple sessions. Either way, your client gets that list of sessions emailed to them within a few hours so they have a clear overview of their future session appointments.

Naturally, we offer you guys appointment reminders. TattooGenda’s system will automatically send out an email/SMS reminder to your clients a few hours or days before each appointment, depending on your preferences and subscription. We’ve found that this drastically reduces no-show rates!

So not only will your client receive a mail with their booked dates they can’t lose (as they do with business cards), but they’ll literally get a personal reminder that they’ve made a commitment to show up to an appointment with you. This takes the possible ‘I forgot’ or ‘My dog ate my appointment card’ excuses away. Even if something did come up, they had their reminder and therefore their chance to warn you on time.

We’d also like to add that once a deposit is paid, whether it be online or in the shop, the client then recieves a confirmation email which then serves as proof of payment. This replaces the hassle of business cards being used as appointment cards, which you can read about here.

In the rare cases of no-shows

No matter how many precautions we may take to reduce our no-show rates, it’s still going to happen on a rare occasion. Sadly enough, there are still clients out there that don’t take the time to think twice about how it affects us and sometimes there’s also unforeseen events even clients cannot predict.

We’ve also thought about this, so we made sure you can draw up a list of customers that wish to be contacted in those cases. Find out how it works, here.

TattooGenda helps you save and make more money

If you don’t believe us, let’s do some quick math. We’d like you to calculate your own no-show losses.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact page, or you can leave a comment down below and we’ll answer you as fast as humanely possible.

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