No more business cards with written mistakes

That can get lost and cost money to print

A lot of us have experienced this. An unexpected client shows up and tells us they have an appointment at X o’clock and we’re in shock, left speechless.

Are you sure? ’ – you may ask your client

Then they give you your business/appointment card with this day and this hour written on them. You go on and check your personal planner and it’s a whole different story in your book, because in your book – you have them written down on a completely different date.

Mistakes happen and not only from your side. This isn’t the only possible issue that could rise up. Your client can also simply not show up on the date you planned in, because:

A) The written date they received was incorrect.

B) They lost the business card with the date on it.

C) Their ‘dog ate’ it.

Either way, those handwritten appointment cards we sometimes use as our business cards can cause a few potential troubles. Well, have we got the solution for you!

An appointment list – how it works

After you’ve booked in a new appointment, whether it be online or in the shop, your customer will automatically receive an email within a few hours of making the appointment.

In that email, among other things you can find about here, will be a clear overview of the date and hour of the client’s appointment(s).

Sometimes that can be a whole list depending on the project. The project? Yes, in our system a tattoo becomes a project that can consist out of one or multiple sessions. Doing it this way allows us to link multiple sessions to 1 project – which in consequence allows us to see the details of that project every time we book in a new appointment for the same project. Instead of, you know, having to completely describe the tattoo in question over and over again.

The benefits?

This eliminates all possibilities of dates getting mixed up between you and your clients, because of manual errors. Not only does it also save you and your customer time, but it also ensures that the customer receives accurate information which ensures a professional and seamless booking experience.

This automated email also puts an end to no-show excuses such as losing the card or their dog eating it. After all, their dog can’t eat their email inbox. Here you can read more about how our system reduces no-show rates.

It’s a mere convenience. Your customer can easily refer back to the email for confirmation of the dates and you and your colleagues can be rest assure that the dates on file are accurate. Not to mention that it can save you money from the endless amounts of business/appointment cards you have to purchase.

A smooth and error-free booking process builds trust with your customers. Trustworthy customers = a positive brand image for your company which in addition will result in more trustworthy customers. Who’d want to miss out on that?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact page, or you can leave a comment down below and we’ll answer you as fast as humanely possible.

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