Can't find quick replacements for no-shows?

There’s no worse gut feeling than the one we get when a client doesn’t show up or cancels on us last minute. It’s not only due to the distressing feeling that we hate these situations, though.

This is our livelihood and a no-show or a last minute cancellation here and there can have a bigger impact on us than some might realize. We put our own time into the preparation of the tattoo appointment, which is of course unpaid, and depending on the project – it can take us hours to prepare for 1 single appointment. More times than not, a deposit doesn’t cover our spent time and it’s even worse when the deposit was never paid.

So, what can we do it? Well, all of us should start with trying to prevent them first. We’ve thought about this. No matter how much we try to prevent it, though, it can still occur. If you opt for the expert studio subscription however, you’ll have a back-up plan for when it does occur.

List of customers to contact in the case of no-shows/cancellations

Our software provides those with an expert studio subscription the option to draw up a list of customers who wish to be contacted whenever there’s a no-show or a cancellation on a date earlier than their own appointment. How it works?

There’s two options. The first one is when you’re creating a new customer. While filling out their information, you have the option to manually fill out in which scenario they’d wish to be contacted (if any at all) and what their work situation is – so we can be aware if they’d be able to fill in a spot before we contact them.

The second, very very handy option we have is, dum dum dummm …. Through the deposit payment button! (read about it in depth, here)

When a client books in online, they’ll receive an automatic confirmation email which among other things will include a deposit payment button. Once the client clicks it open to pay, they’ll first be redirected to a page asking them those same questions: if they wished to be contacted when a no-show or a cancellation occurs and what their work situation/availability is. This information will then be automatically updated on your customer list. This process was already simple enough as is, but this automatic option where you don’t have to do anything is just another plus in our books.

Just to clarify, drawing up this list is only an option the receptionist has.

The benefits?

Let’s say your artist Alex had a day session booked in, but the client can’t be there for whatever reason so they cancel.

Instead of everyone starting to panic, your receptionist can simply go to the customers page, pick Alex and choose to see Alex’ clients that wish to be contacted when a cancellation happens.

Now you simply go over the availability of those clients to see which one would fit best and now the chances of his day being filled up again are way bigger than had he just posted a story on Instagram.

Since it’s way easier to fill up a day in the future than it is to fill up a spot from today for today, possible losses would be now prevented!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact page, or you can leave a comment down below and we’ll answer you as fast as humanely possible.