You dread the paperwork?

Unless you’re an administration addict – chances are you dread the paperwork that comes with being a tattoo artist, like most of us.

This is why TattooGenda worked on simplifying the process and making it easy for you to comply with your national laws. Those who go for the bigger or expert studio subscription will be able to draw up daily reports of their shop’s revenue or reports of each individual artist’s earnings from the period you want (e.g; weekly, three weekly, a month, etc… it’s up to you). Let’s take a closer look.

The payment option

In order to be able to draw up the lists including your revenue, you’ll have to put in the appointments’ payments first. Most shops choose to give this task to each individual artist, excluding guest artists due to language barriers, but if your shop chooses to leave all payments to the receptionist – it’s also possible.

Because our system is set up for teamwork (unless you’re a single artist), you as an artist are able to fill in your own appointments’ payment details while your receptionist is able to manage them and make corrections if ever needed. Here’s how the payment option works.

First, when making the appointment you have the option to request a deposit and then fill in the paid amount and method used. If it was paid online, through the payment button you can find about here, it gets automatically linked to TattooGenda so you don’t have to follow up on those.

After the appointment, you only have to fill in how much of the deposit was used and the amount and method used (card or cash) for the rest of the session’s payment. The total gets automatically filled in.

The revenue lists

A lot of tattoo artists are self-employed but still work under a shop, sometimes bigger ones sometimes smaller ones. Either way, if you’re self-employed chances are you need to send out invoices to your shop every so often (e.g. monthly). Luckily, the artists using TattooGenda have

the option of keeping all of the information regarding their revenue and share all at one place. You can draw up a list of your earnings which includes your customers, deposits, card and cash payments, total revenue and your share from that revenue – and you can choose for what period you want the list to be made. A huge part of your paperwork is taken off your hands by simply using our system! The receptionist also has this option.

This is handy if e.g. the artists are employed by their shop and the shop is responsible for the artists’ monthly salary or if the shop works the other way around and they have to send their artists an invoice.

Another handy list you can get out of TattooGenda is the shop’s daily revenue which includes:

  • Customer name
  • Date x hour of the payment
  • Payment method x amount
  • Total
  • Payment type (e.g. tattoo, deposit, etc…)
  • Appointment date
  • Artist name

This is especially handy for all things accounting-related for the shop. From managing finances to auditing cash registers and bank transfers and correcting possible payment mistakes that might occur.

We would also like to mention that you also have the option to permanently delete a payment, so be careful, because once it’s gone – it’s gone.

Need more options?

Coming soon, there’ll be an option to draw up weekly revenue lists as well + the option of registering any sold merch and gift cards. 

If there’s anything else you might find useful that we haven’t thought of yet, feel free to contact us through the contact page or by emailing with your request. We’ll see what we can do for you. 😉