Need to reach out to your customers?

Sometimes we as tattoo artists wish we had a way of reaching out to our customers, you know, other than Instagram.

Maybe your bookings are open again, or you need to find a client for a tattoo convention or perhaps you’re changing locations and have to let your clients know. Or, perhaps there’s a guest artist joining you for a period of time. An Instagram story will reach some, but not all of your clients. Especially since Insta followers aren’t equal to paying customers.

TattooGenda has thought about this scenario too and if you go for the expert shop subscription, reaching all of your customers is 3 clicks away, literally.

Artist customer list

As you already know, in TattooGenda there’s a customer list being maintained. Every time you create a new customer, it gets added to that list. We’ve already told you about the possibility of filtering out customers who wish to be contacted when a no-show or a cancellation happens. This goes even further, though. Once again, this is an option only available for the receptionist.

By going to the artists list, you can access the list of customers for each individual artist. You simply click on the wished artist’s page and go to ‘mailings’. There you’ll find the artist’s customer list. This includes all customers that have had an appointment with that particular artist in the past.

Why would you need that? Well, say you have a guest artist that only visits your shop once a year – it might be handy to notify their clients so their agenda gets fullbooked by the time they arrive. Or in some other cases, a resident artist might choose to close their bookings for a few months. For the same reason, it’s handy to be able to contact their clients. But, you’re free to email your clients for whatever reason there might be e.g. promoting merch.

P.S. you yourself are responsible for complying to your GDPR (in Europe)/CCPA (in the US) laws.

Artists waiting list

Under your artist’s ‘mailings’ you’ll also find their waiting list filled with customers, well, waiting. This list is supposed to be maintained manually. For situations when a client has started a huge project but their guest artist has to leave, it’s nice to be able to keep a waiting list so they don’t miss out on their opportunity to finish the project the next time they’re here.

Or maybe a client hasn’t started a project with that artist yet, but they’ve been waiting forever to get an appointment with a certain artist, but they end up being fully booked really quick. It doesn’t even have to be a guest artist for this situation to occur, this can happen with residents who open and close their bookings every few months.

By clicking on ‘mail list’, whether it’s the customer or the waiting list, there’s going to be a standard template of the email which you can choose to leave as is, or to customize it.

The benefits?

  • Having a clear automatically made overview of each individual artist’s customers with their information
  • Possibility of maintaining an updated waiting list for each artist
  • Really easy way to send an email to all customers at once
  • Standard email template made up for you
  • Possibility of personalizing the template

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact page, or you can leave a comment down below and we’ll answer you as fast as humanely possible.