Brazilian Tattoo Artist Ana Mendes Merges Punk Rock Rebellion with Traditional American Style

At 32 years old, Ana Mendes has made her mark in the tattoo industry with her distinctive blend of traditional American tattooing and personal flair. Born and raised in Brazil, Ana’s journey into the world of tattooing was not driven by familial artistic influences but rather by her own personal passion and the cultural currents of punk rock music.

Finding Her Path in Ink

Ana’s entry into the world of tattoo artistry was almost accidental. Her initial role as a receptionist at a tattoo studio right after high school gave her a front-row seat to the art and culture of tattooing. “It wasn’t something I started doing because I believed it would be my future,” Ana recalls. Despite not having a background in drawing, which made her doubt her ability to succeed as a tattoo artist initially, Ana began tattooing her friends with simple designs. This hands-on practice, combined with her determination to improve her drawing skills, was the foundation of her career.

Evolving Passion and Style

Decades into her career, Ana’s passion for tattooing has only deepened, fueled by the evolving landscape of tattoo art. Her style, primarily traditional American, is flexible and innovative, allowing her to explore and integrate new ideas while still respecting the roots of the tradition.
One of Ana’s favorite subjects to tattoo is people’s pets, which she adeptly transforms from photos into traditional tattoos. “Bringing a kind of reality to traditional tattoos delights me!” she exclaims.

Mastering the Art

Ana describes the traditional tattooing technique as deceptively simple, emphasizing that the real challenge lies in achieving perfection in the basics, like solid and flawless lines. These elements are critical in her designs and are what she believes traditional tattoo artists strive to master.

The Joy of Tattooing

For Ana, the most satisfying part of the tattooing process is not just the application of ink to skin, or the design phase, but the moment of completion when she can see her client’s reaction to the finished tattoo. This moment of joy and satisfaction underscores the emotional and personal connection that tattoos can represent.

Looking Forward

As she looks to the future, Ana is eager to continue growing as an artist. She plans to seek out more opportunities for learning and collaboration, particularly with other traditional tattoo artists worldwide whose work she admires. “Having more contact and exchanges with tattoo artists from whom I can learn is a huge benefit,” she explains.

Gratitude, Advice, and Exciting Plans

Ana Mendes not only captures the rebellious spirit of punk rock that inspired her early fascination with tattoos but also embodies the evolving tradition of tattoo artistry, making her a notable figure on the global tattoo stage.

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