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Best tattoo studio booking apps

You want to manage your tattoo studio better? Making it clientfriendly AND artistfriendly?

Tattoogenda tattoo studio booking app was designed for tattoo studio’s randing from 1-man shops, to bigger shops with over 10 artists.

A shop manager can see and manage all bookings between customers and all the artists working in his shop.
And opposite: an artist can see his shedule for all studio’s where he works for.

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Before there was tattoogenda, these tattoo studio booking apps were your options:

Need a booking app for your tattoo studio?

We can help you choose the best scheduling software to choose for your tattoo parlor or salon in 2022. This article will take you through the different types of tattoo studio software and how each one works. 

Who needs tattoo studio software?

Tattoo studio software is a tool that can be used by tattoo shops to help manage their business. Tattoo appointment software can help with tasks such as scheduling appointments, tracking payments, and managing customer information. Tattoo studio software can be a valuable tool for any tattoo artist who wants to streamline their business and make it more efficient.



This software is a great solution for spa, salon, and fitness businesses. Vagaro offers appointment scheduling, calendaring, client management, marketing, reporting, payroll, inventory management, and payment processing for its customers.


A booking calendar, checkout system, customer management system, and marketing tools are provided by Vagaro.


Vagaro is a fully functional customer relationship management system that includes sales, marketing, and customer support tools.


You can get Vagaro for $25 monthly.



GoReminders is a cloud-based, multilingual appointment reminder and scheduling service for businesses of all sizes. Appointment reminders that are easy to remember. Text messages can be scheduled and appointments can be confirmed. Appointment confirmations and text messages are included in the package.


GoReminders includes a bunch of tools such as automatic calendar synchronization, customizable reminder texts, SMS reminders, recurring appointments and more.


GoReminders is an easy way to schedule meetings, reminders, and other activities in a simple calendar app that can be used with hundreds of apps with Zapier.


Business Plan starts at $25 per month for 150 appointments and 4 reminders. 

There’s also a premium, unlimited plan at $100. 00 per month.


Acuity Scheduling

This scheduling app from Squarespace can help manage your calendar.  You can easily manage your calendar by using Acuity, it helps you plan and book appointments, manage tasks, and get notifications when you are out of time.


It is possible to sync multi-calendars. You can send automated reminders to your customers through e-mail and text notifications. You can also connect your Social Media in order to share news and information. Intake forms are included. You’ll have the ability to use an activity tracker in order to track your timing table.


Integrate with Automate.  io, create a 1-way subscription from Acuity to your outside calendar, import and export appointments, and sync your Acuity with iCloud. You can also connect to thousands of apps through Zapier.


Acuity has a restricted free plan, which includes a calendar for one person at a single location.  for $14 per month you can get all the features. $23 per month includes six users, and. for 45 per month you get 36.



Mangomint is a salon software designed to help independent spas, salons, massage studios, and nail studios manage their online booking, staff scheduling, client inventory, and other operations on a centralized platform.  Time clocks can be used to streamline check-in and out procedures for employees, as well as the calendar, which can be used to schedule meetings, track and manage appointments.

Organizations can set up recurring appointments, configure the number of hours each appointment will last, and automatically notify clients about confirmation requests, canceled appointments, and upcoming appointments via email or text.  Managers can use Amazon’s customer tracking tools to keep track of contact details, birthdays, allergies, purchase histories and other customer information in the company’s database.  Salon packages can be used to improve client retention rates, accept payment via credit cards or eWallets, and split transactions by adding multiple payment methods, such as cash, gift cards, and credit cards.

You can also monitor staff’s productivity, bookings, commissions, or received tips and export them in PDF and Excel format.


Mangomint Features · Appointment Scheduling · Automated Scheduling · Calendar Management · Mobile Access · Online Booking · Online Payments · Recurring Appointments.


Integration includes various third-party systems such as Shopify, Mailchimp, Gift Up, and more.


Mangomint costs $165 monthly for up to 10 users, $245 for up to 20 and $375 for unlimited users.


SimplyBook. is a scheduling solution for service businesses. A booking app is a mobile app that connects a booking agent and guests. Guests can confirm, pay for and make bookings for events.  The tool allows users to create bookings, set up recurring payments, link service providers and select options for the service they’re offering.  A booking system makes it easier for customers to reserve your service and purchase add-ons such as a make-up kit. They don’t have to fill out any forms if you click on the button. Clients can use multiple devices to access the booking page. Service providers can use SimplyBook. me to manage their calendars and stay in-sync with customers.


Scheduling apps, calendar sync, intake forms, payments and promotion systems are some of the flexible features for service businesses.  The key features include the ability to accept deposits, accept payments, and appointment at fixed time.

Integrations integrates with a lot of business tools through Zapier.

Pricing has a free plan for up to 50 bookings monthly, this includes 1 custom feature. Up to 100 bookings costs $9. 9 monthly for 100 bookings, $29,9 for 500 bookings and $59. 9 for up to 2000 bookings.



vCita is a business management and customer service solution that can be used by service providers. Small and independent business owners can use cloud-based business management software. It’s also a time management system that you can use to manage your schedule. You believe that using a single company can help you succeed in a competitive market.


This software has Built-in appointment scheduling, Services menu, HTML contact form generator, Client interactions management, Contact form Facebook plugin, Self-service appointment scheduling, Client portal, reminders, Email confirmation, Autoresponder, Phone and calendar synch, Calendar management, CRM, Invoicing, Multiple employee scheduling, Online payment security, Predefined services, Meeting options, Email and SMS marketing, Proactive contact form, Customizable forms and Web platform forms.


Vcita integrates with Zoom, POWr Forms, QuickBooks Accounting, Zapier and Reserve with Google.


Vcita has a complex pricing structure, starting from $19 monthly for the essentials, up to $274 monthly, depending on your needs.



Bookedin is an easy appointment and payment app for small businesses.


It offers resource scheduling, reservations, payment Processing, online scheduling, employee scheduling, calendar management, automated scheduling as well as appointment scheduling.


Bookedin integrates with many other apps like Zoom, Skype, Google drive, Paypal, Microsoft 365, WordPress, Wix, Instagram, Google Calendar, Squarespace, Icloud, Weebly and Outlook.


Bookedin costs $24 monthly, with a calendar for one user,  $39 for 5, $54 for 10 and $69 for unlimited users. A free trial is available.



Versum is a web-based hair salon and spa management software that helps streamline internal operational activities and improve customer service.  The software supports features such as appointment scheduling, client record management, staff management and real-time reports for spas.  The tool provided by the solution can be used to design a central information system that can be accessed 24/7.  With Versum, salon managers can track client visits and capture information such as their booking history, favorite service choice, stylists and hair color chosen, their last billing amount, number of visits, and so on.  The solution helps salon owners keep in touch with their clients by sending them booking confirmations and appointment reminders via text messages and emails.  The solution has the ability to execute various marketing campaigns that allow salon owners to send bulk messages to their customers.  Salon owners can use robust marketing automation tools to stay in touch with their customers, as well as improve customer retention through loyalty programs, special offers and gift cards.

Versum provides an online service portal that allows salon clients to sign up, book appointments, pay bills and give feedback.  It has high data protection standards that ensure the security of client information stored in the cloud. The solution can be accessed on multiple devices using an Internet connection. The solution can be used in small and medium-sized hair salons.


Versum features electronic, personalized client records, complete history of appointments and purchases, before & after gallery, unlimited clients, instant scheduling and editing of appointments, drag-and-drop rescheduling, multiple, customisable payment methods, remote access to the calendar, SMS and email communication, single and bulk messaging marketing campaigns, automated messages, targeting the right audience, ready-made message templates.


Versum integrates Google analytics, Google calendar, Facebook & Twitter.


Versum costs £40 monthly, £10 per additional staff member.



Ovatu is a salon & spa booking software provider with full point of sale, reminders, online booking options, marketing tools, and more.  Ovatu customizes the entire booking experience to your brand and helps convert more people into long-term customers. Ovatu helps 7 million people every month book appointments around the globe.  Widely used in the hair and beauty industry as well as the fitness, well-being, medical and education industries.

Ovatu Manager is a scheduling and online booking tool with recurring appointments, automated reminders, scheduling, device sync, and POS.

Ovatu Manager allows you to schedule appointments for your clients, and to assign them to specific employees or service categories.

This online booking system is a flexible tool that allows you to easily manage your schedule.

With the online booking tool, customers can book reservations at any time through the company website, Facebook page, or a custom Ovatu Manager mini-site, with notifications alerting staff whenever a new booking is made.

The app allows users to track their customers’ bookings, and view their account information.


Ovato includes activity Tracking, alerts/notifications. , appointment management, appointment scheduling, automated scheduling, barcode and ticket scanning, billing and invoicing.


Ovato integrates with Paypal, Mailchimp, Stripe and Blissfully.


Ovatu costs €20 Euro per month, €30 including inventory control.


Bookeo appointments 

Bookeo’s flexible scheduling and reservation system lets you focus on what you love while your appointment book fills up with bookings. Customers can easily book and pay online, from your website and Facebook page – from any device. Bookeo will send an automatic booking confirmation and reminder.

Bookeo also offers advanced tools to increase your sales, such as gift vouchers, promotions and prepaid packages.


You can access your online tour calendar, view reservations, rosters, payments updated in real time, send.  reminders through text and email, track attendance and make coupon codes, promotional discounts and gift vouchers.


Bookeo integrates with Paypal, Gmail, Google workspace, Microsoft 365, WordPress, Mailchimp, Google analytics, Mailchimp, Shopify, Stripe, Google calendar, Square payments, Squarespace, Meta, Xero, Twitter, Weebly, Outlook, Quickbooks, Joomla and Braintree.


For a single entrepreneur, you’ll pay €10. 95 monthly,  €19. 95 for up to 3 employees, €29. 95 for up to 20, and €59,95 for a staff of 40.



You’reOnTime offers a cloud-based platform for managing appointments, sales, marketing, online booking, reporting, and more.

The platform integrates with third party tools for online bookings and payments.

You can use this app to manage your business in real time. You can also make online bookings and get customer feedback.

You can also create packages for your clients, track their availability, and send reminders.


Key features include support for walk in appointments, loyalty and promotions management, business reporting and staff scheduling.  You’reOnTime gives users the ability to assign appointments to multiple staff members and create breaks between appointments.


You’reOnTime integrates with Stripe, Google calendar, Meta and Xero.


Their basic (limited) plan is totally free.  Their premium plan with all features costs $55 per month for up to three employees, $110 for 20 staff members and $165 for unlimited staff.



It’s possible to get booked and paid with PocketSuite.  Appointment scheduling, payments, invoices, POS, subscription/membership payments, appointment reminders, client messaging, online marketing, crm database, all from your phone, are some of the things you can do with the app.


PocketSuite features online bookings, easily book & pay you online, multi-day appointments, sync appointments with your calendar, automatic appointment reminders, classes, questionnaires, professional invoices, auto-charge your clients with subscriptions, accept payments from your phone or with a card reader, get paid for no-shows by setting a cancellation policy and send job estimates.


Pocketsuite integrates with Feedly, in order to track insights.


For the solo entrepreneur, Pocketsuite costs $19. 99 monthly, the fully featured premium plan costs $29. 99 monthly. Each additional team member costs $9. 99.



Software designed to help you schedule appointments for your business.  It will help you manage bookings, payments and other administrative operations on a centralized platform.


Jezzam features include multi-location scheduling, resource scheduling, reservations, payment processing, online scheduling, meeting room booking, group scheduling and employee scheduling.


Jezzam integrates with Paypal, Stripe, Google calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Braintree, Adyen and Wordpay.


Jezzam costs £9.50 monthly for 1 staff member and 400 bookings. Add £2.50 monthly for each additional employee and 400 bookings.



Baxus is a web-based spa and salon management solution designed specifically for single salon operators and small businesses.  The solution allows users to book appointments, sell or market their services and generate reports to analyze various parameters.  baxus offers a full knowledge base, webinars and user community for the quick resolution of any problems faced by users.


Baxus features appointment management, reminders, inventory management, performance metrics, appointment scheduling, customer database, invoice management point-of-sale tools, billing & invoicing, customer history, loyalty program, real time reporting, booth rental management and marketing automation.


Baxus integrates with email automation platform Mailchimp.


Baxus is quite cheap at $12 monthly with a free thirty day trial.



Croatian startup Zoyya is an online service marketplace for all service providers whose business is based on appointment. They offer a modern web & mobile interface to end consumers to book their appointments.  For service providers, Zoyya offers a wide range of professional tools for increasing sales, managing appointments and schedules and engaging with customers.


Zoyya features Calendar functionality, order book, appointment reservation, online booking, work scheduler, automatic reminders with SMS and email and business reports.


For businesses with one employee, this service is completely free, up to 10 employees will cost you 19 € monthly and for unlimited employees you’ll pay 39 € monthly.



Calendesk is an advanced tool that will help you handle your customers’ reservations, accept payments from them, send them notifications, automatically issue VAT invoices, and even create subscriptions or vouchers for your services.


Calendesk has appointment management, automated scheduling, availability indicator, availability management,billing & Invoicing, booking management, calendar management, class scheduling, client database, client management, client portal, confirmation/reminders, contact database, credit card processing, customer database, customer history, customizable branding, customizable fields, customizable forms, customizable reports, customizable templates, electronic payments, e-mail management, email marketing, email reminders, employee management, event calendar and scheduling.


Calendesk integrates with Zoom, Google calendar, google meet, Stripe, invoice ocean, google tag manager, Zapier and restful api.


The Calendesk Standard plan costs $29. 99 monthly, the pro plan for businesses with more than 5 employees costs $49. 99 monthly.


Wellyx (salon, spa & fitness management software)

Wellyx is a business management solution designed to help fitness and wellness centers including health clubs, gyms, studios, spas, salons, and health clinics manage staff schedules, memberships, payments, and more.  The centralized platform comes with a point of sale (POS) system which allows users to create custom tips, discounts, or taxes and maintain customer profiles to monitor trends.


Key features of Wellyx include lead management, client engagement, reporting, multi-payment methods, search functionality, appointment scheduling, and real-time customer communication.  Using the customizable portal for members, businesses can improve engagement with clients, allowing them to schedule classes, services, personal training, and facilities via a unified platform.  Plus, it enables users to establish personalized communications with members through two-way text messaging, emails, push notifications, and more.

Wellyx comes with a conversational inbox, which lets businesses store, track, and manage communication with prospects, gaining visibility into the sales pipeline.  It also provides mobile applications for staff to create menus for clients to book, purchase and pay for products and services.


Their basic package costs € 28 per month, scales up to a business account for € 115, their ultimate CRM is € 189 monthly, and their ultimate package is € 289.



Resurva is an online appointment scheduling and calendar sync solution for service-driven businesses, such as barbershops, tattoo parlors, photography studios, and more.

The cloud-based platform is the most efficient for booking appointments, and the native app is the best app for managing them from anywhere with a smartphone.

You can view appointments and bookings online, and get automatic reminders to help you make the most of your time.

Calendar view shows the whole team’s upcoming appointments in a week or month view, allowing you to see all your team’s upcoming events at a glance.


Resurva features appointment management, appointment scheduling, availability management, booking management,calendar management, calendar sync, class scheduling, client Management, reminders, email marketing, online booking, online payments, point of sale tools, SMS Messaging, Social Media Integration, task scheduling and team calendars.


Resurva integrates with Mailchimp, Stripe, Meta, Twitter and Vend.


Reserva’s small plan costs $20 for 200 bookings per month, $30 per month for unlimited bookings for one shop. Each additional location relative to the plan chosen, costs $14 per month, $21 per month and $35 per month.


What does your tattoo shop need? When it comes to tattoo booking apps, you have many options available, depending on the features you need like appointment scheduling software, studio management, text reminders, shop management, booking website, stock management, take appointments online, payments and client management. Pricing is also a factor, ranging between $12 and $375, depending on the number of users and features included.

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