Paul Aramayo: The Journey of a Passionate Tattoo Artist

From Early Childhood Talent to Professional Tattooist

Paul Aramayo’s passion for tattooing began in childhood, when he doodled cartoons from TV, inspired by his mother’s passion for arts and crafts as a hobby. His ex-wife planted the seed of becoming a professional when she suggested he pursue it after gifting her some drawings. From there, his journey towards becoming a respected tattoo artist didn’t come easy – learning how to tattoo properly required lots of time invested in education and practice, but Aramayo was determined to succeed.

Assimilating Education and Practice to Reach Success

This transition didn’t come easy for him; in fact, it was his ex-wife who suggested he take up tattooing as a profession after she was gifted some drawings from him. Learning how to tattoo properly was not easy either, but he knew that investing in education would help him progress faster and give better results.

Evolving and Diversifying His Style: Realism, Surrealism and New School Designs

Throughout all those years, Aramayo’s passion and dedication towards the craft has never wavered or diminished – if anything, it has grown with time and evolved even more into something extraordinary. His style focuses on realism, surrealism and new school designs which initially sparked his interest in the industry. Other vital elements of his work include making sure the tattoos look amazing at near and far distances over time – no easy feat!

Creating Unique Compositions with Reference Research and Personal Proposals

His design process is carefully crafted by combining reference research with personal proposals to create something totally unique. The most satisfying part of the process is seeing a client’s reaction after getting their final product – there’s nothing more precious than that feeling of accomplishment when you make another person happy!

Self-Education, Adaptability and Consistency for Excellence in Tattoo Art

To stay ahead of the game and continue evolving as an artist and tattooist, Aramayo believes in constantly educating himself along with sharing experiences with others who can make him better in any way possible. To aspiring artists out there just starting out on this journey, he emphasizes taking your time when learning new techniques or styles as there are no shortcuts when it comes to becoming successful in this industry; effort and dedication will always pay off eventually!


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