We all know the astonoshing young pop star Billie Eilish never stops amazing us. She did so once again when she finally opened up about her tattoos.

Despite Billie being such a mysterious icon, we managed to figure out what her current tattoos are. Let’s dive right inot it!

It's all about self-love

Although some assumed her first tattoo was done by @jonboytattoo (on instagram) back in 2019, that came out to be untrue. After tagging Billie Eilish in his post, Jon wrote: ‘‘get this”. The online community took that as ‘Billie Eilish got this’ while in reality he wanted to get her attention and troll the internet. We can’t blame him though, wouldn’t we all?

Her first tattoo actually turned out to be that of her own last name ‘Eilish’, located on her chest. She warned fans not to expect to see that tattoo, and they still haven’t so until this day.

It’s safe to assume that the Billie ‘Eilish’ tattoo is a representation of her own self-love. We’d like to think everyone could learn something from that!

The dragon tattoo

The revelation of her first ‘public’ tattoo and assumingly her second in general, happened back in June when she posed for the British Vogue cover. Eilish made a huge impression the day that cover came out.

For her, it represented the start of a new era. Her style was changing, she started dressing more feminine and went from crazy colored hair to platinum blonde. Huge style changes, but it was for her own good, as she stated she finally felt ‘more like a woman‘. Her confidence had boosted for the better!

Billie Eilish’s new tattoo was that of a big dragon on her right leg, going up her hip and continuing ’til the side of her stomach. In the yearly Vanity Fair interview she called it her ‘big boy’.

As the writer of the theme song for the movie No Time To Die, she couldn’t miss the opportunity to show off her big boy at the red carpet. She went ahead and did so at the world premiere.

Must’ve been painful, but what an accessory to show off!

The little guardian angel fairies

The No Time To Die songwriter’s most recent tattoo is that of little fairies on her left wrist. Most people assumed she had only two fairies, but in fact the fairy design shows us three.

The Grammy winner Billie Eilish let us know the hand tattoo was inspired by her favorite childhood book, the fairy book called ‘Fairyopolis‘. She revealed that in the fifth Vanity Fair interview, where she told us they’re ‘like my little guardian angel fairies’

Later on, Eilish went ahead and revealed the full design of her hand tattoo on her instagram stories. That’s how we know there are in fact three guardian angel fairies!

Future plans?

For now, it’s safe to say Eilish is pretty satisfied with three tattoos. Quoting her, she has more ideas. That said, she feels like she’s in a good place with where she’s at with her current tattoos.

Knowing Billie Eilish however, she’s able to keep anything a secret from the public eye. Who knows, maybe by now she’s a bit more inked up than we know.

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