How to invite an existing artist



Financial details are available starting from the  ‘Bigger studio’ plan.
These options will not be available for you when you do not have this plan or higher.

Go to ‘Artists’

Add your artist

Fill out the email address of the artist you wish to invite

Click ‘Save’

This information box informs you that the artist you just invited is already present into Tattoogenda’s system.
You will only need to fill out the information that applies to your studio.

Choose between resident or guest artist.
Most likely, since you invite an artist that already exists in TG, it will be a guest artist for your studio.

Choose your artists permissions

Click on the following articles to learn more about full access or no full access and active and inactive

Check this if you want to send reminder notifications to your artist before each appointment.

Click ‘Next’

Financial & Planning
The financial part is only available starting from the ‘Bigger studio’ plan.
These financial options will not be available for you when you do not have this plan or higher.
Instead, You will see ‘Planning’ instead of ‘Financial & planning’.
You will be able to set holidays or guest spots depending on the artist type.

Fill out the artists hourly rate.
This is the rate you charge to the customer for this artist.

Fill out the artists share

This is the percentage the artist receives from the total they make.

Fill out the artists daily rate
An artist can have a hourly rate, a daily rate or both.

Fill out the artists default advance.
How much do you want a customer to pay you as a deposit when they book in with this artist.

Fill out the artists extra pricing information
( e.g. 25€ extra / h in case of cover-ups. Or a special price for a special style they occasionally do. )

Add holidays / guest spots if necessary

Click ‘Next’

This part is optional, genres are used to display on the calendar page, artist filter by genre and for our TG plugins

Click on the articles below for more information about
How to navigate through the calendar, TG WordPress plugins and how to navigate through artists

Choose the genres that apply to your artists for your studio

Click ‘Send invite’

Your artist has been invited into your studio

You still have a problem or a question?
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Written by
Sharice Vandenhende

By Tattoogenda

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