How to add a receptionist



Adding receptionist users is available starting from the  ‘Small studio’ plan.
These options will not be available for you when you do not have this plan or higher.

What is a receptionist user?
It is your manager, your receptionist, partner, .. whatever, that needs to help you out with booking customers, but is not an artist themselves.
A receptionist can see all the artists calendar and details.

Into your Tattoogenda studio software,
you can find your settings on the bottom left of your screen
above your studio name.

Go to your settings and choose ‘Administration’

Go to ‘Users’

Click on ‘ + User’

You will invite a receptionist user
Please make sure you enter a valid email address, otherwise you receptionist cannot accept the invite

Fill out the fields

You can add a profile picture if you’d like. You can also do this later.

Check this checkbox if you want your receptionist to have access to edit payments.
When receptionist users have access to edit payments, it means they will see a ‘correction’ button next to existing payments, so they can change that input.
Artists are never able to edit payments. The artist would need to ask the manager/receptionist to change the payment if they made a mistake.
link here More information about payment corrections here link here

Click on ‘Send invite’

You will see a notification that says ‘Successfully invited user’

Your receptionist will receive an email into their inbox.

When your receptionist presses the ‘Accept invitation’ button they will be taken to the following website.
The information will be prefilled and the email won’t be editable.

After choosing a password and accepting the terms and conditions they will need to click on register

After registering your receptionist should see the following screen, with all artists calendars of your studio.

Your receptionist will be logged in

You still have a problem or a question?
You can find a little link below called ‘Still stuck? How can we help!’

Written by
Sharice Vandenhende

By Tattoogenda

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