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Mrs. Von Wood: A Tattooed Trailblazer and Her Take on Body Art

Discover the captivating story of Mrs. Von Wood, an inspiring inked model, and her views on tattoos. Learn how she ventured into the world of tattoos, her experiences as an inked model, and her insights on body art. Get tips on getting a tattoo, balancing work and personal life as an inked model, and dealing with discrimination. See how she plans to inspire other tattoo models and how she envisions the future of body art.

Compilation of Alicia Telling about her Tattooed Dream.

Alicia’s Tattooed Dream: Appearing on an Ad and Pursuing Her Passions

Alicia is an inspirational tattooed model who is determined to be equal with the rest of the models, in spite of her body style and color. Every tattoo that adorns her body has a personal significance – from reminding her to “never give up” to a Nightmare Before Christmas piece done by renowned tattoo artist Mr. Jack. Despite facing discrimination and judgement, Alicia battles to prove that tattoos don’t determine one’s personality or mental state, as she pursues her dream of appearing in an ad as a lingerie-clad model. Even through tough times, Alicia continues to live life and pursue what she loves so that she can inspire others to do the same!

A compilation of work by Renelle

Tattooist Renelle Cloez: An Ink-Stained Path to Success

Renelle Cloez is a French tattooist artist who has made a name for herself in the industry with her unique tattoo designs. Blending old school, neotraditional, newschool Japanese art and art nouveau styles, Renelle creates watercolor-theme tattoos complete with fantastic/creepy elements. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, she is not only a talented artist but one full of passion – an “eternal apprentice” who imparts tips to aspiring artists.

tattoo Compilation of artists alex Diaz

Continuing to Evolve as an Artist: Meet Alex Diaz

Read about Alex Diaz’s journey as a tattoo artist in this inspiring article. Discover how his early passion for art led him to pursue a career in tattooing and how his love for the craft continues to evolve today. Explore his creative process, techniques, and critical elements in designing tattoos. Learn how Diaz’s determination and tenacity have allowed him to overcome challenges and continue to improve as an artist. Join us on a journey through the world of tattooing with one of its rising stars.

Tattoo Wolf Meanings: How Many Of The Hidden Meanings Behind Wolf Tattoos Do You Know?

If you’re looking for an animal tattoo that is beautiful, meaningful, and powerful, then a wolf tattoo might be exactly what you’re looking for. Wolves are popularly featured in tattoos, as their symbolism is quite varied and deep. From strength to companionship to family bonds, wolves have so much to offer when it comes to …

Tattoo Wolf Meanings: How Many Of The Hidden Meanings Behind Wolf Tattoos Do You Know? Read More »

Thalya Myha: Model on a Mission to Break Tattoo Stigma

Thalya Myha, the rising inked model, is breaking down barriers and inspiring others to do the same by sharing her journey as an inked model and advocating for the acceptance of tattoos in all industries. Her personal story, tattoo advice, and career insights are sure to inspire those looking to live life on their own terms. Discover more about Thalya Myha and her mission to break tattoo stigma.

A compilation of pictures of tattoo master Volkan

The Journey of Self-Taught Tattoo master Volkan Demirci

Discover the inspiring journey of self-taught tattoo artist Volkan Demirci, whose creativity knows no bounds. With no formal artistic education, Demirci honed his skills through hard work and dedication, using Procreate on his iPad to create stunning and unique designs. Collaborating with clients, he combines abstract and realistic elements to craft emotive pieces that capture different shades of human emotions. Maintaining routine is key for Demirci, as he designs and tattoos every day to ensure his craftsmanship stays top-notch. Supported by H2ocean, Worldfamousink, and Inkjecta, Demirci’s passion for his craft is evident in every one-of-a-kind tattoo he creates.

Azat Kamaletdinov: The European Tattoo Convention Experience

Experience the True Love Tattoo Convention in Europe through the eyes of renowned tattooist Kam Azat. In an interview with TattooGenda magazine, he uncovers the unique qualities of European shows while highlighting commonalities with conventions in his home country of Russia. Kam’s impressive skills and enthusiasm are on full display as he creates a one-of-a-kind design for a client, inspired by their love of Chevy vans and featuring a cartoony rat. Follow this rising star as he continues to make waves in the tattoo industry with his drive to try new things and create truly special designs.

Baltazar Paprocki: Creating a Watercolor Tattoo

Get to know the incredible journey of tattoo artist Baltazar Paprocki Neto – from doodles for TV cartoons to vibrant body art! In this revealing interview, explore his design process and technique while hearing tales from his early life in Brazil. Discover how he uses the canvas of skin as a medium for unique works of art, challenging himself with harmonizing colors and light strokes. From oil paintings to collages, learn about his sources of inspiration and why his favorite Disney figure is Captain Hook – an awe-inspiring story not to be missed!