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From Painting Hobbyist to Tattoo Master

We were incredibly privileged to sit down with Volkan Demirci. A tattoo master whose career spans over 15 years and counting. Born in Turkey 1980 into an unartistic family, his journey is inspiring. He picked up the art of painting as a hobby before unleashing his creativity on human canvasses for all to see. Undeterred by lack of formal artistic education or absent relatives involved in arts from which learn from. It was through keenly honing crafts that had been handed down within his parents’ lineage which helped him reach new heights. Aspiring towards greatness bolstered only be passion alone! 

Mastering the Art of Tattooing

After taking a daring leap and getting his nipple pierced, Demirci was introduced to the world of tattooing. Through hard work and dedication he became an apprentice under a talented artist. But making it as tattoo master in this competitive industry requires much more than just the skill of artistry. Feeling your way through social media trends, self-improvement techniques, human relations skills. Earning mastery means learning how to navigate them all gracefully with finesse.

Based in the UK

Currently based at Maxamm Art & Tattoo studio in UK. Demirci crafts emotive pieces that combine abstract elements like surrealism and realism. Along with expressive colors for greater impactful visuals meant to capture different shades of human emotions. His designs are crafted thoughtfully by blending faces into historic contexts, creating one-of -a kind works brimming character emotionality!

Tattoo master Volkan putting a colorfull japanese tattoo

Embracing Challenges and Pursuing Perfection

With no formal artistic training, Demirci is a self-taught tattoo artist. Who uses Procreate on his iPad to create unique and beautiful designs. He finds it stimulating to work with clients’ ideas as the basis for art that will become part of them forever.  Every skin canvas presents its own challenges! The most satisfying moments in the process come from collaborating with customers. While bringing their visions into reality. Then comes what he calls “the headline”. Watching each stunning artwork take shape before his eyes.

Routine as a tattoo master.

Demirci is a firm believer in maintaining routine to ensure his craftsmanship stays top-notch. In order to keep up the momentum, he designs and tattoos every day so that these activities remain an integral part of life. A continual learner, Demirci knows firsthand how important it is to accept challenges. by doing this regularly, you’re continually improving as an artist!

Demirci's Sponsors and Their Role in His Success

Talking about sponsors tattoo master demirci said the follow: I’m so fortunate to have the support of H2ocean, Worldfamousink, and Inkjecta! They provide me with everything I need for my work. Which means more time spent on creating beautiful tattoos. A huge thank you to all those who sponsor me. It’s an amazing feeling not having to worry about tools any longer.

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