Discovering Common Ground

Azat Kamaletdinov, the renowned tattooist and expert in body artistry, recently attended True Love Tattoo Convention in Europe. Despite being miles away from home – Russia- he found similarities between the conventions held there and his own country’s events! In an interview with TattooGenda magazine, Kam discussed what makes European shows unique while uncovereding commonalities that unite them all. 

From Russia to Europe

Kam Azat has a wealth of experience attending conventions – this European one being his first. He shared that, when compared to Russia, most traditional artists have shifted towards realism tattoos. While working hard at the convention and always on-the-go, he is hopeful for more opportunities to socialize in the future! 

Creating One-of-a-Kind Designs

With every project, Kam Azat is always looking to impress. At the True Love Tattoo Convention, he did just that: creating a one-of-a kind design for his client inspired by their love of Chevy vans and incorporating an adorable cartoony rat! He’s still coming up with new creative plans for future conventions but what we do know? Whatever it is will be nothing short of special!

A Rising Star in the Tattoo Industry

Kam Azat is an incredible designer who loves the challenge of working with his clients to create something they’ll truly love. His enthusiasm and skill were on full display at True Love Tattoo Convention in Europe, where he impressed everyone with his hard work and dedication. Not content simply sticking within one style, Kam’s drive to try new things has made him a standout artist – so make sure you keep up-to-date as this rising star continues making waves throughout the tattoo industry!

Interview By Amber Pride on 06/03/2023

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