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Tattooing has become a widely popular form of self-expression in recent years, bringing artists of all kinds to showcase their creativity and artistry through their work. Alejandro Diaz, better known as Alex Diaz Could, has been one such artist to take the tattoo industry by storm. In this article, we explore his journey, inspirations, and work as a tattoo artist.

Early Life and Interests

Diaz was born 36 years ago in Madrid, Spain, where he developed an early passion for art. When growing up, he devoted countless hours to drawing and exploring other pictorial techniques – never dreaming that he would pursue an artistic career later on in life. Though no family members had any relation to the arts world, Diaz persisted with his passion and eventually took the leap into the world of tattooing.

Tattoo of will smith by artist Alex Diaz

Becoming a Tattoo Artist

The encounter that led Diaz into the realm of tattoos was somewhat chance; it began without any initial interest from his part but he soon became curious about the craft. After deciding to apprentice under a teacher, Diaz began to explore this new dimension of artistry within himself – becoming enthralled by it in the process.

"Art is infinite, and with enough dedication and effort, everything can be achieved if pursued long enough. Alex Diaz Could's journey as a tattoo artist is proof of this."

Learning and Growth

Though his apprenticeship provided him with traditional tattoo training, it wasn’t always easy for him. The materials he had access to weren’t of the best quality which made growth difficult – though this didn’t stop him from appreciating every step along the way.

Passion for Tattooing

As time went on, Diaz’s passion for tattooing evolved – his designs taking on more dynamic forms than ever before as he focused on finding innovative ways to bring each piece to life. His personal mantra is “improve with each piece” which certainly seems applicable here!

Tattoo Design Process

In his work you can often find faces; but rather than focusing on exact replications or copying them exactly as they appear in reality, Diaz prefers to focus on finding what works best for the area being tattooed – from contrasts between details to seeking out an image that encompasses just the right type of essence for that painting – all in order avoid creating something flat and soulless-looking.

Challenging Techniques

The most challenging technique for Diaz was creating lines – due again to having less than ideal material at hand causing difficulty when developing layouts; however shading proved easier for him thanks partially due again those better tools helping make it easier .

Critical Elements of Tattoo Designs

For Diaz there are several factors deemed critical when designing tattoos – composition & texture amongst them (both applied with great care); paying attention to all details so that no stone unturned makes sure each finished piece will have a unique mesmerizing level of detail like a proper masterpiece should!.

Satisfaction in the Tattooing Process

From applying whites through cleaning up a newly-concluded tattoo – every step brings satisfaction according to Diaz! His enthusiasm about art really shows here — And seeing all that hard work culminate into one finished beautiful piece must be incredibly rewarding indeed!

Continuing to Evolve as an Artist

There’s always room for improvement according Devin’s viewpoint – whether looking towards discovering some new influences or searching around unfamiliar grounds while also transforming already existing ideas/concepts into something even better — Art is infinite after all! And always something new awaits us whenever we look deeper enough!


Alex Diaz’s story as a tattoo artist serves not only as an inspiration but also proof itself regarding how far determination & tenacity can bring us – no matter how difficult our path may be (not referring only related matters here). Even if much may be standing against us or external circumstances might not seem kind enough — With enough dedication & effort everything can be achieved if pursued long enough!

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