Compilation of Alicia Telling about her Tattooed Dream.


Alicia is a tattooed model who strives to be equal to the rest of the models, disregarding color or body style. She opted for designs that reflect her past; it was a way of not being like everyone else and each tattoo holds personal meaning.

Each Tattoo Carries Personal Significance

Her first tattoo was a simple phrase to remind her to “never give up”. She takes pride in the handcrafted artwork done by a tattoo artist: the Nightmare Before Christmas by Mr. Jack. Despite this, Alicia faces discrimination and judgment as many are still closed-minded towards the idea that tattoos do not change one’s personality and are deemed inappropriate for certain professions.

"Art is infinite, and with enough dedication and effort, everything can be achieved if pursued long enough. Alex Diaz Could's journey as a tattoo artist is proof of this."

A Battle To Prove The Contrary

Alicia battles to prove the opposite and achieve her dream: appearing on an ad as a lingerie-clad tattooed model. If she were to give advice to her five year old self, it would be to live life and pursue what one loves. Every day she is grateful for having been so strong during tough times. Alicia endures scrutiny because she firmly believes that people should have an open mind towards understanding that tattoos don’t alter someone’s personality or mental state!

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