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Tattooist Renelle Cloez has managed to make a name for herself in the tattoo industry due to her unique, signature style. She is talented and passionate about her work, which she creates by blending different tattoo styles. In this article, we take a look at Renelle Cloez’s journey to becoming a successful tattoo artist, her inspirations and design process, and tips for aspiring tattooists.

From Web Designer to Tattoo Artist

Tattooist Renelle Cloez was born in France and showed an interest in art from a young age. She studied graphics and web design, but also worked as a waitress to pay her bills. At the age of 23, Renelle’s ex-boyfriend gave her a tattoo machine and she began experimenting with it on her own, although the results were not very successful. 


This encouraged her to continue her studies and search for an apprenticeship in different tattoo shops – something that eventually paid off when she found two experienced mentors who had been active in the industry for 30 and 20 years respectively. After completing her apprenticeship, Renelle opened up a private shop and started traveling around France as a guest artist.

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The Journey to Success

Renelle’s journey was tough but she kept going due to 3 things – passion for tattoos being one of them – as well as hard work and willingness to always learn more. She considers herself an “eternal apprentice” who is never done learning about the craft. During her travels, Renelle meets numerous inspiring artists that help keep her motivated on this path towards success.

"Tattooing is an 'always learning work' and I consider myself an 'eternal apprentice',"

Designing Unique Tattoos & Tips for Aspiring Tattooists

Renelle blends old school, neotraditional, newschool Japanese art, art nouveau into creating unique designs with watercolor themes often featuring fantastic/creepy elements. Despite being comfortable with colors, contrast design gained through experience can be challenging so practice is key here! The most satisfying part of the job however comes from seeing how sketches transform into full blown tattoos .

As far as advice goes for aspiring budding tattooist ? Have strong drawing backgrounds stay humble don’t do it for the money meet other great tattooist in the field & continue learning!

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