If you’re a fan of the Legend of Zelda video game, you’re likely always looking for new ways to express your love for the game. Well, look no further than Zelda tattoos! Also known as triforce tattoos, these tattoos have become increasingly popular among gamers and tattoo enthusiasts alike, and it’s not hard to see why.

Sword and shild

Zelda tattoos are a powerful way to show your devotion to the video game, and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can get a tattoo of your favorite character, item, or symbol from the game, or even a commemorative tattoo of a particular game or moment in the franchise’s history. The possibilities are endless, and the creativity of the tattoo artist and wearer knows no bounds.

History of Triforce Tattoos

Triforce in fine line

The history of Zelda tattoos can be traced back to the early days of the Legend of Zelda video game franchise. Zelda was the game’s main protagonist.

As the franchise was released and gained popularity throughout the 1980s and 1990s, zealots began to show their love for the game in various ways, including through tattoos.

While the exact origins of Zelda tattoos are difficult to pinpoint, it is clear that they have been a part of the franchise’s culture for many years.

The first Zelda tattoos were likely simple designs that featured the iconic Triforce symbol or a favorite character from the Nintendo game.


As the franchise evolved and new games were released, devotees began to get tattoos that were more elaborate and detailed. Tattoos of Link, Zelda, and Ganon became increasingly popular, as did tattoos of items and symbols from the game.

One of the earliest examples of Zelda tattoos can be found on the arm of Kevin Wilson, a former Nintendo Power editor. 


Wilson got a tattoo of Link holding a sword and shield on his arm in the early 1990s, making him one of the first people to get a Zelda tattoo.

Wilson’s tattoo sparked a trend among enthusiasts, and soon many others were getting tattoos of their favorite characters and symbols from the video game.

As the years went on, Zelda tattoos became more elaborate and detailed. With the advent of social media, people could share their tattoos with others and showcase their love for the franchise in new and creative ways.

Today, Zelda tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, from small and simple designs to full-sleeve tattoos that cover the entire arm.

The significance of Zelda tattoos in pop culture cannot be understated. They are a way for die hard fans to express their love for the Zelda series and show their dedication to the game.

Zelda tattoos have also become a part of the larger tattoo culture, with many tattoo artists specializing in video game tattoos and incorporating their own unique style into their designs.


Types of Zelda Video Game Tattoos

Zelda tattoos come in a variety of types, each with its own meaning and significance to the wearer. From characters to items and symbols, there are countless options when it comes to choosing a Zelda tattoo.

Let’s explore some of the most popular types of Zelda tattoos and the meaning behind them.

Character Triforce Tattoo: One of the most popular types of Zelda tattoos is a tattoo of a character from the game. Legends like Link, Zelda, and Ganon are popular choices, as are other iconic characters like Navi, Epona, and Tingle. These tattoos are often detailed and feature the character in a specific pose or with a particular item.

Item Triforce Tattoo: Another popular type of Zelda tattoo is a tattoo of an item from the game. Items like the Triforce, Master Sword, and the Hylian Shield are often depicted in tattoos. These tattoos often symbolize the wisdom and strength these items represent in the game.

Symbol Triforce Tattoo: Zelda is known for its iconic symbols, and many devotees choose to get tattoos. The Triforce, the Sheikah Eye, and the Hylian Crest are just a few examples of popular Zelda symbols that are often depicted in tattoos. These tattoos are often simple but are rich in meaning and significance to the wearer.

Scene Triforce Tattoo: Some enthusiasts choose to get tattoos that depict a particular scene from the game. These tattoos often feature multiple personas and items and are more complex in design. These tattoos are often used to commemorate a particular game or moment in the franchise’s history.

Text Triforce Tattoo: Finally, some lovers choose to get tattoos of text from the game. This could be a quote from a character or a piece of dialogue from a particular scene. These tattoos are often simple but powerful in their message.

princess zelda

Based on the above types of Zelda tattoos, there are many beautiful designs out there. Let’s take a look at a few.

Wonderful Gaming Triforce Tattoos

Watercolor 8-Bit Zelda Tattoos

Watercolor 8-bit Zelda tattoos are a unique body design that combines two popular tattoo styles: watercolor and 8-bit ( common to a Nintendo switch).

This design typically features an 8-bit version of a character or symbol from the Legend of Zelda game, such as the Triforce, with a watercolor background.

The watercolor effect adds a vibrant and artistic touch to the otherwise pixelated design, creating a beautiful and eye-catching tattoo.

This design is perfect for lovers of both the Legend of Zelda franchise and watercolor tattoo body art.

8-bit link watercolor

Watercolor Zelda Triforce Tattoo

Like the watercolor 8-bit Zelda design, these tattoos feature bright, vibrant colors and a painterly style that mimics the look of watercolor paintings. However, it doesn’t make use of the 8-bit style. 

This Zelda design can depict a variety of elements from the game, such as items, and symbols, and is often combined with other tattoo styles, such as realism or minimalism.

Triforce watercolor

Princess Zelda Tattoos

Princess Zelda is a beloved character from the Legend of Zelda franchise, and her image has become a popular tattoo design among fans.

Princess Zelda tattoos can depict her in a variety of ways, such as a realistic portrait or a stylized image inspired by her appearance in the games.

Some choose to include elements from the games in their triforce design, such as the Triforce symbol or the Hyrule Crest.

Princess Zelda tattoos are often seen as a symbol of power, wisdom, and beauty, and are a great way for people to show their admiration for the game.

Skull Kid Zelda Tattoos

The Skull Kid Zelda tattoo is a popular design that depicts the mischievous character, Skull Kid, in a beautiful and intricate way, often incorporating elements from the Majora’s Mask game.

These tattoos often feature a dark color scheme and can be designed in a realistic or stylized way.

The design is perfect for those who want to showcase their love for the game in a unique and striking way.

Remember that these are just a few popular designs, and there are many other great Zelda tattoo ideas out there. Be sure to work with a skilled tattoo artist who can help you design a unique and meaningful tattoo that reflects your love for the game.

Skull Kid


Zelda tattoos have become a powerful way for fans of the Legend of Zelda game to express their love and devotion to the game.

From the iconic Triforce symbol and Hyrule crest to the mysterious Skull Kid, there are countless ideas to choose from that reflect the rich history and culture of the game.

Whether you prefer a more traditional or modern tattoo style, a Zelda tattoo is a unique way to showcase your fandom and add a touch of personal flair to your body art.

With the popularity of the Legend of Zelda game only growing, it’s safe to say that Zelda tattoos will continue to be a beloved and meaningful way for people to honor and connect with the game and each other.

Zelda Tattoos FAQs

Some popular Zelda tattoo designs include the Triforce, Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Majora’s Mask, Sheikah Eye, characters like Link, Zelda, or Ganon, and rupees.

Choose a design that resonates with you and represents something meaningful. You can also personalize a design by incorporating your own ideas or elements.

Tattogenda has the best tattoo artists in the game, committed to giving you what you want, and in a more beautiful way than you expected.

Yes, many tattoo artists are open to customizing designs to fit your preferences and ideas.

Absolutely! While being a fan of the franchise may enhance the symbolism behind the tattoo, it is not a requirement to get one.

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