Do you have a special little one in your life that makes your heart burst every time they say something cute or do something silly? There’s not much better than the bond between kids and their parents. So why not show that off for all to see with a sweet yet fun kid’s name tattoo?

Whether it sparks conversations around the dinner table, at school functions, or just when out on errands—kids’ name tattoos are always sure to draw positive attention and make others smile when they notice! From tiny outlines of stars and hearts to full designs of cartoons and more elaborate adornments—it’s easy to find a design perfect for expressing your love as well as personal style.


Why Get Your Kid's Name Tattooed?

When you think kids names tattoos, what do you imagine? A heart with the kid’s name inside it? Something cute and fun like a cartoon character with their initials on it? Or maybe something completely unique and creative that will make everyone marvel at your artistry?

Whatever it is—getting your kid’s name tattooed is a great way to express your love and bond with them. It’s also an excellent conversation starter when out in public or just at home between family and friends!

Even though it would be your tattoo, it’s actually going to be the biggest flex for your kid!

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas

Here we’ve rounded up 20 kids name tattoos to help you find one that matches your aesthetic and best represents your special bond!

1. Birthstone Kids Names Tattoo

For a unique twist on the traditional kid’s name tattoo, try adding their birthstone to the design. This adds an extra bit of personalization and makes for a stunning piece of artwork that will look great for years to come.

This is one of the more colorful kids name tattoo ideas, as you can represent the birthstone with colors in the name or feature the stone beside the name.

2. Footprint with Kids Names Tattoo

What kid doesn’t love making footprints? Why not commemorate their little prints with a tattoo footprint kids name! You could even get creative and have the kid’s name written in the middle of their footprint.

This tattoo can celebrate their first little step. To make it an even more personal tattoo, add the date for when they took their first step with the child’s initials.


3. Arrow Kids Name Tattoo

For the kid that loves adventure and exploring, why not get an arrow kid’s name tattoo? The arrows can point up, down, left, or right—allowing you to customize the design according to your kid’s personality.

There are so many different arrow kids names tattoo ideas you can choose from. A more elegant design is featuring the name in a curly font as part of the arrow.

Tattoo of Kid's Name in Child's Handwriting

For a kid’s name tattoo that is guaranteed to bring smiles, try having their name written in their own handwriting! This will make it extra special and will always be remembered fondly.

Plus, you can even add colorful designs or shapes around the words if you want to make this tattoo even more eye-catching.

Heart Tattoos with Kids Names

Another one of classic kids names tattoo ideas is to have their name in the center of a heart. This design has been around for decades and continues to be one of the most popular kids names tattoos today!

This can be done in several ways. For instance, having a ribbon across the heart with the name is very common. However, you can customize this artwork by adding stars, swirls, or other shapes that represent your kid’s personality and interests.


Watercolor Tattoo Portrait Kids Name Tattoo

For something truly unique, in addition to the name tattoo, portrait kids face as a watercolor tattoo. This would be a colorful tattoo that’s truly unique because it has your little one in it. You can use any picture of your child.

This would take the kid’s name tattoo to the next level. And besides, watercolor tattoos are all the rage!

Cursive Font Kid's Name Tattoo

For those who prefer a more elegant kid’s name tattoo, try using a cursive font. This will give the tattoo an extra bit of sophistication while also keeping it minimalistic. This is also a good option for moms and dads who like to use their ink in the traditional style.

You can go as big or as small as you wish, as this is among simpler kids names tattoo ideas. Similarly, this can be placed anywhere on the body.

Black Lettering Tattoos With Date Of Birth

For a kids name tattoo that is truly timeless, try having it written in black lettering with the his or her date of birth. This will make for an incredibly special kid’s name tattoo that they can cherish always!

The date can be in Arabic or Roman numerals, underneath the name. Birth date with name tattoo is a simple tattoo, perfect for moms and dads that want to show their unconditional love without being too elaborate with their tattoo.

Baby Handprint with Name Tattoo

If you really want to make your kid’s name tattoo special, combine the name with the baby handprint design. This can be a great way to commemorate that special moment when they were born.

You should get their actual handprints taken and traced digitally to tattoo, even in the exact size. This is one of those tattoo ideas that are sure to get ‘awws’ everywhere you go!

Kid's Drawing Tattoo with Name

For a kid’s name tattoo that is truly one of a kind, try having it drawn by your kid! This will be an incredibly unique and special tattoo that you can cherish for years to come. Plus, your kid will love being able to express their creativity and show off their artwork to everyone!

Tattoo artists always love a good challenge, and recreating your child’s drawing in colorful ink is sure to be a fun experience for them too.

Tree Of Life Tattoo with Names

If you’re into meaningful tattoos, go for their name written as part of a tree of life tattoo. This will be an incredibly special kids names tattoo that celebrates the natural cycle of life. You could also add flowers to the tree.

This can also be a great idea for parents who have multiple kids. But should you be planning to have more kids, discuss the design with your tattoo artist and make sure to keep the tattoo expandable!

Birth Clock with Kid's Name Tattoo

Want something extraordinary? How about a birth clock tattooed along with their kid’s name? Now that’s just beautiful art!

This will be an incredibly special kid’s name tattoo that celebrates the exact moment your kid was born. If you’re a strong follower of astrology, a birth clock tattoo can be a great choice for you.

Kids Name with Flower Tattoo

For a more feminine feel, try having kids names written in a flower tattoo. Yes, this is probably one of the more common kids names tattoo ideas. Still, it makes for a beautiful tattoo. Rose tattoos with names are very popular, but you can choose any flower and do it with color ink.

You could also add meaningful symbols like fairies or butterflies to the kid’s name tattoo for an extra special touch.

Cool Font Kid's Name Tattoo

To make your kid’s name tattoo more contemporary, get it tattooed in a cool font. This will give the tattoo an extra bit of flair and make it stand out from the crowd!

From cartoonish to punk rock, there are so many amazing font options to choose from. So don’t forget to have fun with it. It’s a straightforward way to show your love, yet cool enough to make it a unique tattoo.

Stork with Kid's Name Tattoo

Yes, storks don’t bring babies to parents, and it’s time we retired that tale. That said, adding a stork with a baby to your kid’s name tattoo will give a whimsical feel. Get the name written on the pouch in the stork’s beak.

It’s a funny yet meaningful tattoo that can show your excitement about being a parent. Plus, the stork is one tattoo cartoon kids will love!

Star Tattoo with Kids Names

Kids love stars. So getting their name tattooed with stars may just make it all the more special for them. More importantly, with stars, you can further expand the meaning behind the tattoo. After all, your child is the star of your life, so their name deserves to be inked with stars.

You could also add meaningful symbols like moons or planets to the kid’s name tattoo for an extra special touch.

Heartbeat Kid's Name Tattoo

For getting across a more heartfelt feel, how about you tattoo heartbeat kids name? This will be a special tattoo that shows that your child is your life. It’s a way to show the importance of their presence in your life. Plus, it’s a cute tattoo idea that is sure to catch attention.

If you like smaller kids names tattoos, this one is for you. It’s best placement is wrist where you can feel your heartbeat or your upper chest area where your heart is.

Hidden Kid's Name Tattoo

One of the more interesting kids names tattoo ideas involve hiding the name somewhere in the design. One example would be hiding it in a branch with leaves.

You can get really creative with this one. Work with your tattoo artist to come with kids names tattoo ideas that incorporate the name without it being too visible. It can be an abstract pattern or an object you associate with your child, and their name cleverly hidden somewhere in it.

Bird with Kid's Name Tattoo

For a more free-spirited feel, try getting kids names tattooed on a bird. This particular idea can also be a homage to motherhood as birds go to great lengths to protect and feed their younglings.

From a sparrow on a nest to a swallow spreading spreading its wings, bird tattoos can easily be turned into kids name tattoos with just the kid’s initials or full name.

Kid's Name with Wings Tattoo

Want to show the world your love for the little angle you’ve been blessed with? A kid’s name tattoo with wings can be a great way to do just that. It has a more angelic feel and positive vibe. The wings can also signify freedom.

This can be something super minimalistic done in black ink or something more elaborate that captures the details of the wings with some shading and bold outlines. This particular tattoo idea can make an awesome upper back tattoo.

Ideal Placement for Kids Name Tattoo

The ideal placement for kid’s name tattoos will depend on the individual. Some people prefer to have their kid’s name tattooed in a discreet spot, while others like to show it off more prominently.

Consider factors such as skin type, size of the tattoo, and design when deciding the best place to get your kid’s name tattooed. The arms, shoulders, and back are some of the most popular spots for kid’s name tattoos. However, for more discreet placement, the underside of the upper arm, ankles, or chest is better. Bigger tattoos are best placed on the chest, back, or thighs.

Final Thoughts on Kids Name Tattoo Ideas

Kid’s name tattoos are a great way to celebrate your kid’s birth and commemorate the special bond you share. With so many different kid’s name tattoo designs to choose from, you can find one that perfectly captures your kid’s personality and celebrates their life.

Whether it’s a simple name tattoo or an elaborate design, kids name tattoos are sure to make for a beautiful and meaningful tattoo that you can cherish for life. Just make sure to choose a design carefully so it will be something you’re proud of!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can include more than one name in a kids name tattoo. However, you may want to go with a design that seamlessly incorporates multiple names. If you have several children, you can also consider tattooing just their initials.

One tattoo design that you can use to include multiple names is a family tree tattoo. You can also use simple designs like cursive text or heart-shaped kid’s name tattoo.

Name tattoos can be cheap if they are very simple. However, the price may still vary based on where you’re getting a tattoo. A simple kid’s name tattoo that’s just their name in black ink would be more expensive in London than it would be in Bangkok.

In most North American and Western European cities, you can expect to pay between $50 and $100 a name tattoo. The price will be higher if the design is more complex or if the size is big.

You can tattoo your daughter’s name anywhere you like. Arms and chests are the most popular placements for name tattoos. If you want the tattoo to be visible most of the time, get it inked on your arm.

It’s not bad luck to get your kid’s name tattooed on your body, as it’s simply a gesture of affection. Contrary to online myths, tattooing your kid’s name doesn’t impact your or their luck. It just shows your love for them.

As opposed to tattooing a partner’s name, kid’s name tattoos are safer as they’ll always be your kid.

Kid’s names tattoo ideas range from simple text tattoos to more elaborate designs with symbols. Some of the most popular designs for kid’s name tattoos include the name on heart, rose with name, footprints or handprints with name, birth date with name, and cartoon with name tattoo.

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