Robert Shteinberg's Tattoo Odyssey from Siberian Origins to Dark Realism Mastery

Meet Robert Shteinberg, a 28-year-old tattoo artist whose creative journey took root in the small Siberian village of Chany, Russia. In a recent interview with Tattoogenda, Robert shares the fascinating story of his evolution from a curious youngster in a remote village to a seasoned tattoo artist with a distinctive style.

A Fusion of Art and Origami

In his early years, Robert balanced conventional schooling with attendance at an art school, where, rather than mastering drawing, he became adept at origami. Despite having no familial ties to the art world—his mother worked as a cashier, and his father was a former policeman—Robert’s artistic spark was ignited during his childhood in Siberia.

Tattoos: An Early Fascination

Around the age of 11-12, Robert encountered the world of tattoos in his Siberian village, initially glimpsing the art form on former prisoners and military men. Unaware of the term “tattoo” at the time, he learned that, in Russian, it was called “partak” and could be done at home using improvised tools. The seed was planted, and at 12, Robert harbored the desire to try tattooing. However, it wasn’t until seven years ago, on Halloween in 2016, that Robert officially began his tattooing journey. The initial years were challenging, marked by imperfect tattoos, but his commitment to parallel study of drawing elevated his skill level. The early training, though lacking structure, eventually led him to join a supportive team, where knowledge was shared, and skills were honed collectively.

Passion for the Craft

Robert’s love for tattooing is palpable. “I can’t imagine life without it,” he asserts. Even after seven years in the industry, he finds joy in coming to the studio and immersing himself in his work.

Monsters Under the Bed: A Unique Style

Describing his style as “monsters under the bed,” Robert’s art explores the concept that these monsters are not necessarily frightening enemies but integral parts of the world’s structure. He envisions them as companions, dwelling within each of us, waiting to be chosen and embraced.

From Drawing to Tattooing: A Seamless Transition

Both drawing and tattooing hold a special allure for Robert. Whether lost in the trance of sketching on paper or bringing his creations to life on someone’s skin, he experiences a similar sense of detachment from reality.

The Creative Process

Before starting a tattoo, Robert meticulously analyzes the requirements, jotting down thoughts and ideas. The subsequent sketching phase involves technical aspects, with the actual creation unfolding organically. Robert generously shares his creative process through timelapse videos on his Instagram.

Evolution of Style

Robert’s artistic journey has led him through various styles, starting with colored tattoos and transitioning through old-school, ornamental, and graphic floral designs. Today, he excels in his unique style—dark realism.

Attention to Detail: Teeth and Eyes

Within his creations, Robert places particular emphasis on teeth and eyes, considering them vital elements in his designs. These details, he believes, contribute to the overall impact of his work.

Every Aspect Matters

For Robert, every step in the tattooing process is crucial. From meticulous designing to flawless execution and detailed completion, he invests time and effort into ensuring each aspect is perfected.

A Commitment to Growth

The tattoo artist is committed to continuous growth, regularly participating in seminars and drawing courses. In his eyes, there’s no limit to development in the ever-evolving world of tattoo artistry. In conclusion, Robert Shteinberg’s journey is not just about tattooing; it’s a testament to the transformative power of passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of artistic evolution.

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The Design Process

The Design Process

Family Background

Family Background

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