Luigi Gala: Mastering the Art of Dark Lettering and Ornamental Tattoos

In the vibrant world of tattoo artistry, Luigi Gala stands out as a true maestro, combining dark lettering and ornamental designs to create captivating works of body art. We had the privilege of sitting down with Luigi at the Brussels Tattoo Convention, where he shared insights into his journey, influences, and the evolution of his distinctive style.

The Early Days:

Luigi Gala’s journey into the world of tattooing began with a passion for the craft and a determination to make his mark. Reflecting on his early days, Luigi revealed that he initially experimented with watercolor tattoos before finding his true calling in dark lettering and ornamental designs. It was a journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration that laid the foundation for his unique approach to tattooing.

Mentors and Inspirations:

Like many artists, Luigi Gala acknowledges the role of mentors in shaping his artistic identity. During the interview, he spoke fondly of the figures who inspired and guided him along the way. Their influence, combined with Luigi’s innate talent, played a crucial role in defining his signature style that seamlessly blends dark lettering and intricate ornamental elements.

From Guest Artist to Shop Owner:

Luigi’s journey took an exciting turn as he transitioned from being a guest artist to owning his own tattoo shop in Italy. His studio is not just a space for tattoos but a holistic destination offering piercing and permanent makeup services. Luigi emphasized the importance of creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for clients seeking diverse forms of body art.

Providing Opportunities for Guest Artists:

Having been a guest artist himself, Luigi Gala understands the significance of providing a supportive and conducive space for fellow tattooists. Now in the position of owning his own shop, he takes pride in offering opportunities for guest artists to showcase their skills and creativity. Luigi shared insights into his approach, ensuring that visiting artists feel not only accommodated but inspired during their time at his studio.

Future Plans:

Looking ahead, Luigi Gala has ambitious plans to expand his brand across Italy with more Luigi Gala tattoo shops. His vision extends beyond creating a network of studios; he aims to establish a community where artists can thrive, collaborate, and push the boundaries of their craft. Luigi’s passion for tattooing and commitment to fostering artistic growth are evident as he envisions a future where his brand becomes synonymous with excellence in the tattoo industry.


Luigi Gala’s journey from experimenting with watercolor tattoos to becoming a prominent figure in dark lettering and ornamental tattooing is a testament to his dedication and artistic evolution. As he continues to shape the tattoo landscape in Italy, Luigi’s commitment to providing opportunities for fellow artists and creating a vibrant community demonstrates his vision for a future where artistry knows no bounds.

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The Design Process

The Design Process

Family Background

Family Background

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