Crafting Tattoos with a Natural Flow

In the heart of the vibrant tattoo scene, amidst the buzzing needles and ink-stained canvases of the Brussels Tattoo Convention, we had the privilege of sitting down with a true pioneer in the world of bio-organic tattoo artistry—Patiri, hailing from the unlikeliest of places, Chile. In an exclusive interview for Tattoogenda, Patiri shared his remarkable journey, from the challenges of starting out in a country with little tattoo culture to becoming a master of the bio-organic genre.

Seeds of Passion: Patiri's Early Days

Fourteen years ago, when Patiri first dipped his toes into the world of tattooing, Chile wasn’t exactly a hotbed for this form of artistic expression. The tattoo culture was nascent, and support for aspiring artists was scarce. Yet, it was precisely this lack of an established scene that fueled Patiri’s determination to carve out his own niche in the industry. “I faced numerous challenges in the beginning. There were limited resources, few mentors, and not much recognition for tattoo artists in Chile. But I saw this as an opportunity to create something new, to bring a different flavor to the art,” Patiri reflected.


Organic Ingenuity: The Bio-Organic Renaissance

In the midst of adversity, Patiri found his calling in the bio-organic genre. Known for its intricate, flowing designs inspired by the natural world, bio-organic tattoos often incorporate elements like vines, tendrils, and surreal, organic shapes. For Patiri, this style allowed him to unleash his creativity and offer clients something truly unique. One of the things I love about bio-organic tattooing is the freedom it gives me. I rarely use stencils, except for faces. Everything else is freehand, allowing me to create designs that flow with the body’s natural contours,” Patiri explained.


Global Recognition: The Journey to Prominence

As he honed his skills and developed a distinctive style, Patiri’s work gained attention both locally and internationally. His dedication to bio-organic tattooing set him apart in a field where conformity often trumps innovation. Despite the recognition, Patiri remains humble and focused on the future. His eyes are set on a new horizon—America. Dreaming of expanding his artistic reach, Patiri envisions a future where he can contribute to the rich tapestry of the tattoo scene in the United States.


Dreaming in Ink: Patiri's American Aspiration

“Working in America has been a dream of mine. I admire the diversity and depth of the tattoo culture there. It’s a place where artists thrive, and I want to be a part of that energy,” Patiri shared. His journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring tattoo artists facing challenges in less conventional art scenes. Patiri’s story is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of one’s artistic vision. In a world where tattoos are not just ink on skin but intricate stories woven into the fabric of a person’s identity, Patiri stands as a bio-organic maestro, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, one mesmerizing design at a time. As he sets his sights on America, we can only anticipate the awe-inspiring creations he will bring to the global stage, proving that art knows no borders.

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The Design Process

The Design Process

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Family Background

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