Unveiling the Artistry: A Conversation with Natalia Mikheeva at the Brussels Tattoo Convention

The Brussels Tattoo Convention recently played host to a myriad of talented artists, among them the remarkable Natalia Mikheeva. We had the privilege of sitting down with Natalia at her booth, delving into her experiences at the convention and gaining insights into her fascinating journey as a tattoo artist.

A Love Affair with Brussels: Natalia's Delightful Encounter with New Artists

Natalia expressed her genuine affection for the Brussels Tattoo Convention, highlighting the joy she found in meeting new artists. She shared how the atmosphere differed from other conventions, particularly citing distinctions with the tattoo scene in Barcelona, where she has a home base.

From Fun to Professional: Natalia's Evolution in the Tattoo World

Curious about Natalia’s beginnings, we asked how she ventured into the world of tattooing. Natalia revealed that she started with friends, creating tattoos for fun. Over time, her passion evolved into a professional pursuit, gradually crafting her unique style. Notably, she emphasized that she didn’t have a mentor but instead honed her skills by observing and learning from other artists, creating a fusion of fine line and mandala tattoos.

Barcelona Roots: Natalia's Artistic Journey and Future Plans

With her home base in Barcelona, Natalia sees herself as part of the vibrant artistic community. She spoke passionately about her city, revealing how the creative energy of Barcelona influences her work. Looking ahead, Natalia expressed her readiness for the future, aspiring to embark on guest spots across Europe and eventually landing a significant guest spot in the United States.

Stealing with the Eyes: Natalia's Artistic Inspiration

Natalia’s unique approach to her craft involves what she calls “stealing with the eyes.” Without a formal mentor, she developed her skills by drawing inspiration from other artists. This artistic pilfering led to the creation of her distinctive style, characterized by a captivating blend of fine line and mandala tattoos.



In conclusion, our interview with Natalia Mikheeva at the Brussels Tattoo Convention unveiled a passionate and talented artist on the rise. From her love for the convention atmosphere to her journey from fun tattoos to professional artistry, Natalia’s story is one of evolution and creativity. As she sets her sights on international guest spots, we anticipate witnessing Natalia’s continued ascent in the world of tattoo artistry.

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The Design Process

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