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Monsterdam is a unique tattoo clothing and lingerie brand with an intriguing origin story that combines animation, photography, and a passion for monsters and Amsterdam. In this article, learn about Francisco Guzman’s creative journey and how Monsterdam has grown into a successful business. Discover their commitment to staying original and high-quality and their exciting new products and collaborations.

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The Birth of Monsterdam

Francisco Guzman’s passion for drawing and painting led to the creation of Monsterdam, a tattoo clothing and lingerie brand with an intriguing origin story. In an interview with TattooGenda, Guzman shared how Monsterdam was born from his love for monsters and Amsterdam and how the brand has grown over the years.

From T-Shirts to Girls' Underwear: Guzman's Creative Journey

Although Guzman studied film, video, and TV production, his passion for drawing and painting always remained strong. When a friend suggested they make t-shirts with his drawings, Guzman’s girlfriend had a different idea – creating girls’ underwear. The samples turned out great, and they started selling them in small boutiques.

Monsterdam Panties Gain Attention in Vancouver: A Turning Point for the Brand

After moving to Vancouver, Canada, and starting model photography, Guzman saw an opportunity to showcase panties. With their unique designs and high-quality standards, Monsterdam caught the attention of local stores and magazines, and it became a business.

Staying Original and Unique: Monsterdam's Design Philosophy

One of the things that set Monsterdam apart from other clothing and lingerie brands is its commitment to staying original and unique. Guzman explained that their design philosophy follows a goth alternative style, focusing on being as unique and original as possible while avoiding falling into cliches.

Target Audience and Collaboration With Models: Connecting With Customers

Guzman produces mostly women’s clothing, although 50% of their clients are men. The brand uses Instagram to connect with customers and fans and has collaborated with models from around the world. Guzman notes that all collaborations are important, and they look for models who match Monsterdam’s profile. Lizzie loveless is one of those models.

Exciting New Products and Collections: What's Next for Monsterdam

Guzman has some exciting new products and collections in the works. They are introducing changes to their cuts, a new line of vinyl fetish, harnesses, and continuing with their fitness line project. Additionally, Guzman is working on a page for “private” content for their models.

"Monsterdam sets itself apart from other clothing and lingerie brands with its high-quality standards, unique designs, and commitment to staying original."

Intriguing Origin Story and Commitment to Quality: The Monsterdam Brand

Monsterdam is a unique brand with an intriguing origin story and a commitment to staying original and high-quality. With their new products and collaborations, Monsterdam is sure to continue making a name for itself in the fashion industry.

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