Meet Lizzie Loveless: the inked model taking the world by storm

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From Inked Model to Icon.

Lizzie Loveless is carving her own path in the world of tattooing. With vibrant ink and a rebellious spirit, this inked model turned artist has gone from an inspiraton to many into becoming an icon for self-expression. Hear all about it as she shares candidly with TattooGenda on her journey through hardship, artistry and ambition! With the covid lockdown came a wave of resilience and creativity in Lizzie’s life, as she decided to focus her energy towards inked modelling. 

How she became an Inked Model.

She started off timidly adding tattoos with deep meanings but soon found the confidence to adorn herself with stunning body art just because it looked great! Her favourite pieces show off from Legend of Zelda characters – signifying something special for this creative gal. But no matter what creates an impulse for rearranging ink, one thing is certain – you can’t beat some badass artwork on a model…and that was certainly true when it comes to beautiful Lizzie!

Judging a Book by Its Cover.

Lizzie has faced discrimination and judgement because of her tattoos in the modeling industry, even from a partner who couldn’t accept an inverted cross on her face due to his Catholic family. Despite this mistreatment, she simply laughs it off- if someone is willing to judge based only on ink then they don’t deserve any of her time or energy.

Seize the Moment!

For those considering whether or not to go through with getting their own tattoo? Her beloved advice says: seize the moment! Don’t let other people’s opinions dictate your decisions— unless they’re clearly inappropriate — life is too short for regrets. After all, no matter what designs adorn one’ s skin; ultimately everyone should be judged by their character above anything else!

Juggling Career and Self-Care.

When it comes to juggling a career and self-care, Lizzie knows what she’s doing. Despite tiring 8-10 hour days as an inked model, her drive for adventure keeps her going – always looking forward to the possibilities that lie ahead of her. Financially stable with world travel on the horizon, this passionista is ready take on whatever life throws at her!

"Don't let other people's opinions dictate your decisions— unless they're clearly inappropriate — life is too short for regrets."

Gratitude and Accomplishment.

Lizzie would encourage her younger self to fearlessly pursue what she desires, rather than succumbing to others’ expectations. After taking the leap and pursuing modelling through OnlyFans, she’s never looked back! Gratitude for life’s mercies is an important part of her journey – from being alive and healthy with a roof over her head, to securing financial security along the way.

And now?

Her greatest accomplishment yet lies ahead… She will soon be flying out Vegas-bound to shoot with renowned photographers before dazzling on stage at Bar Sinister in Hollywood – achieving success beyond all expectation (including hers!).

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