Have you ever wanted to express your fierce and fearless nature? Lion tattoos are an excellent way to do so! They convey strength, courage, and power – perfect if that’s the type of message you want to project.

Lion or lioness tattoos are incredibly popular with women, as they signify flattering attributes and look stunning. So getting a unique lion tattoo is practically impossible at this point. Nevertheless, there’s so much variety in lion tattoo ideas that you can easily find something that represents you. And, hey, what’s wrong with getting a popular, trendy tattoo anyway?

Whether it’s a subtle hint or placed front and center, lion tattoos can tell the world who you really are. If you’re considering taking on this roaring trend, then check out these 18 meaningful and powerful lion tattoos for women. From colorful concepts to black-and-white designs, our range of amazing artworks will surely help spark your inspiration!

List of 18 lion tattoo ideas for women

Lioness Tattoo

If you want to show off your lioness-like strength and courage, then a lioness tattoo is the perfect choice for you. Showing a lioness in her natural habitat, this tattoo screams power and grace – letting everyone know there’s more to you than meets the eye!

Contrary to popular opinion, lionesses are very strong animals, and their strength lies in their hunting skills. While a male lion is big and strong to take down enemies and other lions, a female lion is a great hunter that provides for her family.

Lion and Lioness Tattoo

Lion Head Tattoo design

Show the world that you’ve got a lion-lioness dynamic with this awesome lion and lioness tattoo. Whether you want to symbolize your relationship with a significant other or just represent the duality of strengths within yourself – this lion-themed duo will show everyone how fierce and fearless you are.

It can be a large tattoo on your chest, back, or thighs or something smaller on your arm or ankle. A lioness, along with a male lion, can give off profound lion tattoo meaning, symbolizing complementing attributes of both.

Small Mother Lion and Baby Tattoo

This lion tattoo design is perfect for the mama lionesses out there. Showing a mother lion protecting her cub, this small and sweet artwork will make sure everyone knows just how loving and protective you can be.

Female lions are very protective of their cubs. So this adorable tattoo idea is an ode to motherhood. If you’re a mom and want to get a tattoo that also represents you as a mother, this simple lion tattoo is the way to go.

Cub Tattoo for Women

If you’re a lion cub at heart, then why not show it off with pride? This lion cub tattoo is an excellent way to express your youthful and innocent side – perfect for when you don’t feel like roaring but still want to be lion-like!

This can be a realistic or cartoonish lion tattoo, as per your preferred aesthetic.

Watercolor Lion Tattoo for Woman

Want to add a splash of color to your lion tattoo? Then a gorgeous watercolor lion is a perfect way to do it. Letting everyone know that you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd, this artwork will make sure you’re always noticed!

A watercolor lion tattoo can use many colors and is best placed where it’s more visible, like your forearm, upper arm, or neck.

If you want to use any specific color (for example, the Pride flag colors), you can let your tattoo artist know, and they can incorporate those colors in the silhouette of the lion or lioness.

Sketch-Style Lioness Tattoo

This lioness tattoo is the perfect way to express your sass and strength. With a sketch-style design, this lioness will show everyone just how confident you are in your own skin. The raw and rustic look of this kind of lion tattoo is fierce.

And if you’re a fan of art, why not combine it with lion tattoos? This lion tattoo design will ensure you’re always remembered – no matter where you go.

It’s ideal for girls who love all-black ink and want their lioness done in black. You can also work with your tattoo artist to add more elements to this lioness tattoo.

Realism Lion Tattoo

This lion or lioness tattoo is the perfect way to show off your power and grace. With a realistic style, this lioness will make sure everyone knows just how serious you are about expressing yourself!

Although realistic lion tattoos for women can feature the full animal, they can also be just the lion’s head. The more detailed design you want, the more time it may take. But it’s worth it because the realistic lion tattoo designs capture the majestic features of the King of the jungle the best.

Floral Lion Tattoo

If you’re looking for a tattoo design that’s both beautiful and powerful, then this type of lion tattoo is a perfect choice. Combining stunning lion artwork with delicate floral accents, this lion-themed design is all about expressing your fierce and fashionable self.

It’s also one of those lion tattoo designs that incorporate elements with complementing attributes. While strength is the symbolic meaning of lion, flowers present beauty and femininity.

Again, a lion tattoo with a flower tattoo is a very popular tattoo choice for women. Still, it makes a beautiful tattoo that will definitely draw attention and make a powerful statement.

Lion Mandala Tattoo

Mandala lion tattoos are an awesome way to showcase your lion-like ferocity. Combining traditional lion artwork with a beautiful mandala pattern, this tattoo will ensure everyone knows just how powerful and unique you can be!

A mandala lion tattoo typically features a lion’s face done beautifully in mandala work. However, this tattoo style is complex and may require a tattoo artist experienced with Mandala tattoos.

Lion Family Tattoo for Woman

If you’ve got lion-like characteristics that run in the family, then the lion family tattoo is perfect for you. Showing a lion couple and their lion cubs, this artwork will showcase just how strong your clan can be. It can also be a way to honor family bonds.

A lion family tattoo featuring multiple lions can make a great back lion tattoo, as your back can provide ample area to get a larger artwork inked. However, skilled tattoo artists can also capture the lion family spirit with small lion tattoos.

Lion Tarot Card Tattoo

If you don’t want something mainstream like a geometric lion tattoo or a tribal lion tattoo, a lion tarot card tattoo is the perfect way to express your lion-like resilience. Showing an African lion standing atop a mountain – this artwork will ensure everyone knows that you’re always ready for any challenge that comes your way!

No matter which lion tattoo design you choose, it’s sure to be powerful, but a lion presented in a tarot card tattoo can add give a deeper meaning. You can incorporate other elements in the tarot card with the lion, like a woman, sun, or flowers.

Fine Line Lion Tattoo/Lioness Tattoo

If you want to make your lion-themed tattoo be more subtle, why not opt for a fine-line lion or lioness tattoo? With intricate and delicate lines, this minimalistic lion artwork captures the lion tattoo meaning without being too elaborate!

This tattoo simply draws the lion or lioness silhouette and is typically small. Arms, ankles, or back provide better placement for such tattoos.

Moon and Lion Tattoo

One of the most popular tattoos for women is the moon or crescent. And you can easily combine that with a lion tattoo to give off different meanings.

This lion tattoo design is perfect for the dreamers out there. Showing a lion standing under a crescent moon, this artwork will make sure everyone knows just how brave you can be in pursuit of your dreams!

So don’t be afraid to show off your lion-like qualities with these awesome lion tattoos for women. The moon and lion tattoo can be small or big and placed almost anywhere on the body.

Girl and Lion Tattoo

This lion and girl tattoo is perfect for lionesses looking to show off their inner strength. There are many girl and lion tattoo ideas to consider, from a girl hugging a lion to the lioness and girl silhouettes. It’s the best lion tattoo to convey qualities like courage and pride.

This lion tattoo design is ideal for feminists who want to showcase the strength it takes to be a woman in this world. Lion tattoos may be popular with men, but they are not only for men. A woman can also wear a lion tattoo with pride and embrace her strengths.

Colorful Lion Tattoo

If you want to make a statement with your lion tattoo, why not opt for a colorful lion design? With vibrant colors that express your fierce and fearless nature, this lion artwork will take a more colorful approach to present the King of the jungle!

One of the more colorful lion tattoo designs is a Japanese lion tattoo. This traditional style tattoo represents the protective nature of lions. Make sure to work with a tattoo artist who specializes in Japanese-style tattoos.

Cartoon Lion Tattoo for Woman

Are you looking for a lion tattoo that’s fun and playful? Then this cartoon lion tattoo is a perfect choice! Showing off a lion with an adorable expression, this artwork will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Some of the most famous cartoon lion tattoos for women are based on the movie the Lion King. From adorable Simba to the cave painting, there are many references from the Lion King movie you can get inked.

Lion King or similar cartoonish lion tattoos provide an unconventional way to represent strength and courage. It’s also a great choice for an animal lover.

Leo Zodiac Sign Lion Tattoo

This lion tattoo is perfect for lionesses born under the sign of Leo. Showing the Leo constellation surrounded by a lion, this lion tattoo design will make sure everyone knows you’re a Leo through and through.

Leo lion tattoos can be minimalistic, featuring the zodiac symbol, or be more abstract with hints of typical Leo qualities. If you’re looking for a lion tattoo for your upper arm, this is a perfect choice!

Crowned Lion Tattoo

This lion tattoo is the perfect way to show off your lion-like sense of royalty. With a lion wearing a royal crown, this artwork can be intricately detailed and even colored, especially the bejeweled crown.

A lion with a crown tattoo is a classic. You can also change the idea and have a lioness with a crown tattoo, giving that Queen of the jungle vibe. This is one of those lion tattoo ideas that draw attention despite being common.

Embrace the Lioness in You with Lion Tattoos for Women!

So don’t let anyone underestimate you – make sure they know just how lioness-like you can be with these incredible lioness tattoos for women!

From more design-oriented tattoos, like a geometric lion tattoo, to something more subtle, like a fine line lion tattoo, there are plenty of options to embrace the spirit of a lioness. With these awesome lion artworks, you’re sure to find the perfect lion tattoo that expresses your true inner strength.

So don’t hesitate to let your true lioness spirit shine through with these amazing lion tattoo ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Lion tattoos are some of the most popular around the world, as lion tattoos symbolize strength and fearlessness. So it can be difficult to make the tattoo unique as someone somewhere may have done it already. However, you can still personalize it with things like your initials or combine it with other objects, especially those that contrast the meaning of the lion.

A lion girl tattoo or a female lion tattoo can mean courage, protection, and power. Female lions are ferocious creatures but also possess warm qualities of motherhood. So lioness tattoos on women represent the courage and strength it takes to be a woman or even a mother.

Lionesses have served as important symbols in many cultures throughout history. Lioness tattoos can also be a homage to such cultures.

Lion tattoos are very popular and may feel like cliche ideas. Tattoo artists would agree that lion tattoos are getting overdone, especially among men. Nevertheless, when it comes to getting a tattoo, it’s best to go with one that best represents you and your idea, even if something is common, like a lion tattoo.

Even though lion tattoos are not very original, it’s possible to customize them and make them your own. If you want something unique, consider adding another element to the tattoo design. A simple lion tattoo can be elevated with flowers, symbols, text, or geometric shapes. 


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