Tattoogenda: the ultimate Tattoo Studio CRM

Tattoo studios experience more competition and other difficulties in 2024 than before.
Just before Covid it was enough to make only good tattoo work, and the photo’s attracted the customers on autopilot.
These days, it’s not that easy anymore, you will need some marketing and make sure your studio provides a better customer experience than the competition.

As a tattoo studio you have 2 types of customers: your tattoo clients and also your artists. You want to keep your artists happy and you want to keep your client happy, which can be a delicate balance.
Your artists want to be focused on their art and are less interested in making appointments, figuring out apps, counting revenue and using tools.
Your tattoo clients just want to have the best tattoo in the best circumstances for the best price, sounds familiar?

Tattoogenda tattoo studio software is made by and for tattoo shop owners who want to take it a step further, who want to grow their studio and make it a flourishing business where people want to connect with and come back to.
If you are not afraid of marketing and sales, CRM (=Customer Relation Management), if you have the attention span for trying out new things and if you are business minded, this tattoo crm is for you.
Here’s a short list of the most popular features Tattoogenda Tattoo Studio Software has to offer for bigger tattoo

1/ Digital Tattoo Studio Calendar to schedule appointments

Think Google Calendar, but tailored to tattoo studios. You can have resident artists who are permanently available and guest artists who are available in the guestspot periods you define.
With this CRM, the shop’s manager can see every artists calendar for scheduling appointments between the shops clients and the artist.
You can choose if you let your (guest) artists schedule appointments for themselves or not.
Every (guest)artist has his own profile, where they can see their own bookings.
This is a great way for guestartists to follow up the bookings you are creating for them before they arrive for their guestspot. From now on they will always be prepared :). (Who are we kidding.. )

2/ Automated emails

When you create a booking for your clientin our CRM, that client can receive automated email receipts:
– One email with his new list of appointments + a button through which they can pay their deposit.
– Two email reminders of their deposit to be paid + again a payment button.
– Automated cancellation mails if the deposit is not paid on time
– Automated appointment reminders, eg. 24h before their tattoo appointment.
– Aftercare email in which you can ask for a review.

3/ SMS reminders

You can also choose to have Tattoogenda(=TG) CRM send out an SMS to every customer 24h before their appointment, so they don’t forget. This drastically reduces no-shows.

4/ Digital deposits in our Tattoo CRM

There are two ways of collecting tattoo studio deposits with Tattoogenda CRM.

First way: make the booking and then ask for deposit

First way is that you have a conversation through mail or IG or Whatsapp with your client about the tattoo. The client confirms you to book appointments with the artist you suggested, you ask for the customer information, and create the booking in the system for them.
As soon as the booking is in the system, it starts sending out automated emails to that customer to request a deposit. The client can click the payment button in the mail, and seamlessly manage the deposit payment via Stripe. You can choose to have the appointment cancelled automatically if the customer did not pay in a timely manner and after 2 reminders.

Second way: only create the booking after deposit is paid

Second way is that you have the same conversation through mail or Ig or Whtasapp with your client about the tattoo, and then you email the customer a freshly created personal bookinglink.
When that customer clicks the link, they are taking to the same Stripe payment integration. Only after the customer paid his deposit is the booking now created in the system.

5/ No-show fixers

When a customer goes to the deposit payment page, Tattoogenda tattoo studio software first asks them a bit more info. Like their mail and phone number, and if they want to be contacted if an earlier spot opens up.
If you ever have a no-show, you can than easily draw a list of customers of this artist who indicated they want to come earlier if the opportunity arises, and start making those phone calls.


6/ Consent forms

When clients arrives in your tattoo shop for their service, you can send them a consent form link by QR code or SMS. You can pick and choose which questions you want to be asked on your tattoo business consentform to comply to your local laws. Going from customer information like extra contact details to medical requests to age restrictions. A customer has to sign a consent form with a digital signature.



7/ Manage clients

Keep track of every client: their contact details file, allergies (filled out through the consent form), their customer history, if they were a no-show in the past, how much they paid your shop in total and per artist, etc. Everytime you select a customer to create a new booking, you will be show their history.



8/ Manage deposits

Most tattoo studios take deposits. It can easily become unclear if the deposit has been used or not and when. With Tattoogenda tattoo studio software CRM you enter a paid deposit at tattoo project level.
For every tattoo appointment that belongs to that project you can choose if you want to use that deposit in full or partial or not.
A good habbit is to ask 1 deposit per tattoo project, and only substract it from the last appointment the customer has for their project.
Every deposit has a log of when it was paid and when it was (parialy) used.

9/ Manage payments

For every tattoo appointment you can enter a payment.
There are different reporting possibilities to do sales tracking, identify trends, compare revenue over different periods, payments per artist, payments per period or per guestspot, etc.

These CRM reports also make it easy to check every morning if all artists correctly entered their payments into the system, in case you are not offering reception payment services to your artists.



10/ Studio reception will use browser version

For the more technical businesses with a receptionist point, that receptionist will most likely use TG via the browser on a desktop/laptop to schedule all clients. TG is fully cloud based, reachable from every device and no need for downloading software.



11/ Artists prefer apps

The artists who will be reading the bookings you made for them will most likely do this via an app, as they prefer to work on smartphone or ipad with apps, and not on laptops. TG has a super lightweight app in the appstore that is only intended to read appointment information, as well as a mobile friendly browser version with all other advanced features available.


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