Unveiling the Dazzling Canvas of Missy Phillips

In the ever-evolving world of inked modeling, Missy Phillips stands out not only for her striking appearance but also for her refreshing authenticity. The dancer-turned-model shares her journey, inspirations, and insights into the tattooed modeling industry in an exclusive interview with Tattoogenda.

Finding a New Path:

Missy didn’t plan on becoming an inked model, but her journey took a turn when her passion for dance and her adorned skin caught the eye of photographers. “I’m constantly in admiration of beautiful tattooed women who walk like panthers but are playful and don’t take themselves too seriously off camera, so that is exactly my ethos,” she shares.


Choosing the First Tattoo:

Her initial ink, inspired by Asia Argento’s angel, wasn’t only a tribute to a celebrity crush but also a lesson learned. “It was a very uncool decision. It was also really badly done (you learn from your mistakes, haha) and I later had it covered up,” she admits, showcasing the evolution of her tattoo journey.

Favorite Tattoos and Personal Style:

Missy doesn’t have a single favorite tattoo, loving each piece for different reasons. From Antony Flemming’s shark on her stomach to Alejo Barros Lombardi’s bold leg designs and Angel Grace’s script lettering around her butt, she gravitates towards bold tattoos that match her vibrant personality. “It’s go hard or go home for me,” she declares.

Challenges in the Industry:

Despite her success, Missy acknowledges the lingering stigma around tattoos in certain industries. “Unfortunately, it still exists, but I don’t have friends in any profession who are directly impacted, so I don’t see how difficult it can really be. We’ll get there one day, I hope.”

Balancing Act:

For Missy, balancing personal life and a modeling career involves prioritizing health, mindfulness, and steering clear of industry drama. “I work in events, so there’s always a party atmosphere which can be a lot, so when I’m not working I like quiet time and self-care.”

Facing Judgment:

While Missy has faced some judgment, she remains unfazed. “It’s always those with insecurity who have a problem with mine or any person’s appearance. I don’t waste my time on any of that.”

Future Aspirations:

Looking ahead, Missy envisions working with great photographers, performing on bigger stages, collaborating with musicians, and appearing in more music videos. Her advice to her younger self? “Everything you’re working towards is coming; you just have to trust the process.” Missy’s ink may not always carry deep meanings, but it consistently reflects her desire to feel powerful and provocative. As for regrets, she believes in covering up or using laser options for mistakes.


Gratitude and Exciting Plans:

Every day, Missy is grateful for the beautiful people in her life, emphasizing authenticity and trust. As for future plans, she keeps a mysterious card close to her chest, teasing, “Watch this space…”

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