At the recent Brussels Tattoo Convention, model had the opportunity to participate in the Black Tape project.

We had the luck to be able to interview her and get some insights inside the tattoo modelling world. She talked about her start, her future goals and how the Miss Tattoo France contest discriminated her.

Let’s break it down.

The beginning of her modelling journey has been modelling for four years now, starting on social media.

At first, she was mainly doing boudoir and lingerie type of photoshoots with professional photographers. With time, she started gaining Instagram followers and that’s when people started reaching out to her!

This was around the 10k following mark. had now opportunities to participate in different conventions.

She also mentioned that this is what she wants to do more of. Four years ago she liked doing the nude-type shoots, but now with time and more experience – she really enjoys doing conventions and paid jobs.

For her, it’s an opportunity to meet lots of new people and travel! She told us she also loves traveling, because it puts her in a place with different types of people and cultures. As she said herself – this is something that feeds your mind!

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The Black Tape Project

At the Brussels Tattoo Convention she had the opportunity to participate in the Black Tape Project.

This project can be seen as another way to celebrate the human body. It involves black electrical tape to create designs and patterns straight onto the skin, in a similar way to how makeup is applied – it accentuates the curves of the body! Some call it a form of temporary tattoos.

This was her first time joining in on the project. After her last Shibari project with Fred Kyrel six months prior to the convention – Joel Alvarez, the creator of the BTP, reached out to and asked her if she’d be interested in working together.

For her, it was very fun but also intimidating. The other models are more famous than her and are used to going to conventions while is just starting out, so, she was a bit intimidated and shy. At the end, the girls were very friendly and with’s strong personality it all turned out fine.

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Discriminated in Miss Tattoo France contest?

However, not all of her experiences have been this positive.

Last year (2021) she was competing in the Miss Tattoo France competition. There was a day where they were supposed to ‘’showcase’’ all of the female competitors, including

Funnily enough, three days prior she was canceled by the competition. The explanation?

They didn’t like a certain Instagram post made, where she talks about her sexuality and BDSM topics.

As anyone would be, this made her very disappointed an honestly – very confused as well. She told us that she doesn’t understand the logic behind this? The tattoo world is very open to lots of people and tattoos having been a taboo topic for years, it’s kind of confusing when a tattoo-

related organization discriminates, because of another ‘taboo’ topic.

All of this made her very cautious when the new competition – Miss Tattoo World –  was announced. Luckily for her, the competition team reassured her, that she can be her true self and doesn’t have to pretend to be someone she isn’t.

Let’s break it down.


Being her true self, no matter what she does is really a priority for her. also stands behind the opinion that talking about sexuality shouldn’t be a taboo topic and there’s no shame in talking about it openly. We can only applaud her for this.

Furthermore, she also tries to collaborate with ethic brands as much as possible!

Future goals

In the future, doesn’t really know where she’ll end up. She shared with us that she’ll be moving to Australia soon and try to get a residence visa.

Why? Well, her boyfriend lives there, but more importantly – she’s self-employed and can do it.

With her digital marketing degree she’ll be able to work by herself on her own terms… which, who doesn’t want that?

As far as her modelling career?

She’ll be continuing with growing her online following, but doesn’t know anything about possible future conventions yet. told us that the online visibility in Australia was very good for her so, she’s confident about finding new jobs there too.

More of a hobby

Even though she has the knowledge to market herself the best way she can online, she chooses not to post with a schedule.

She doesn’t want to be consumed in the likes and followers obsession and wants to keep building a steady relationship with her followers. So, she posts whenever she feels like it!

Can’t lie – it’s working good for her.

Well guys, this was a little peek into a tattoo model’s life and career. We must say that she’s definitely inspiring!

If you guys could be self-employed and move to a different country – would you? If so, what would u do and where would you move? Drop a comment and enlighten us, we’d love to hear about it!

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