Another tattoo artist we had the honor of interviewing at the Brussels Tattoo Convention was Dario Berrittella.

Dario has been in the tattoo industry for 7 years now, but his art journey started much earlier than this. He began his journey as a child of art, with his father introducing him to the industry at the age of seven.

Surrealistic color tattoo of a ladyface and a snake on the leg
Tattoo artist with sunglasses putting on gloves in red lighting

Carrying on the family business

Well, you guessed it. Since it was his father that introduced him to the industry, he was also Dario’s mentor.

He gradually learned the art of tattooing and now carries it on as best he can. Dario also mentioned that he tattoos

with his dad from time to time, sometimes at the same time on the same client!

They enjoy working together so much so, they have their own studio – Berry Tattoo Studio.

Dario did mention he does clash with his father sometimes, but despite this it’s important for him to stay close.

Side note: this is one of the most wholesome studio approaches we’ve heard so far! Imagine if tattooing was your family business too!

Father and son standing next to each other in front of a light

His tips for beginning tattoo artists

In terms of tips to newbies in the tattooing profession he tells us that first of all, consistency is key!

Dario goes on to tell us that it’s best if you start with smaller projects first, instead of diving in head first and going for bigger projects. It’s important to get the hang of the basics first before u continue onto bigger things. That’s how you’ll grow as an artist, taking it step-by-step!

Black and grey realism tattoo of a man with wings and a tattoo sleeve holding a gun

Dario Berrittelli on social media

When it comes to social media, Dario says that it’s fundamental for the growth of an artist, simply because it gives u the opportunity to be seen by a lot of people.

Everyone in the world can see your work if you can get it out there. In 2022 it’s also harder to gain clientele without social media – so it’s kind of become like a second job for a lot of tattoo artists.

Future goals

For the future we can only expect to see growth from Dario!

His main goal if to keep developing and perfecting his style. Perhaps he’ll open another studio as well and who knows… maybe he’ll take on an apprentice?

I don’t know about you guys, but in my ears it sounds like Dario is living the dream! Such a great representative of Italy’s tattoo culture… like the Flemish people would say: ‘’Amai, zeg!’’

Do you guys have a family business of your own? If so, be sure to let us know what it is, we’d love to hear about it!  

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