Amongst all of the talented tattoo artists at the Brussels Tattoo Convention was also Fred Bertoli, a neo-traditional artist from France.

He’s been a yearly attendee at the convention in Belgium and has regular guestspots here as well. In this video Fred discussed the cultural tattoo differences between Belgium and France, non-passionate apprentices and more.

Let’s dive in!

Tattoo artist with a beanie tattooing someone's thigh

How it all began for Fred and apprentice struggles

Fred told us that he’s always been into drawing and art.

Well, then, how did he get into tattooing? By pure luck/on accident, through meeting people.

Until this day he still works together with the person who taught him everything about tattooing. He also mentioned that if he could find someone to teach – he’d love it!

The problem is, it’s hard to find a good apprentice that is reliable and is totally in love with the profession. After all, if you’re not passionate about tattooing – why are u even trying?

Do you want an apprenticeship? Here’s a guide on how to land one! (click me)

In the shop

Fred also told us, that in the shop he works at – they’re with six artists!

We asked him if there’s anything that makes it hard in terms of working together. In contrary actually he said that it’s not difficult at all and they compliment each other, which makes it possible to work like a team. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all!

Love for conventions

When asked the question why he liked going to the conventions, Fred decided to joke about it at first and simply answered with: ‘’Naked women’’

He then went on to explain that the real reason is that it makes him a better artist. Conventions expose him to a lot of artists and that can do wonders for your own artistry!

Not only that, but it connects artists with new customers and customers also bring new ideas with themselves.

These were Fred’s thoughts on the cultural differences, passion for the art of it all and love for conventions!

What’s your guys’ favorite thing about going to conventions? Be sure to drop a comment!

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