Inkspirations Unveiled: Nicky Fit's Odyssey in the Tattooed Realm

Nicky Fit, a renowned inked model, opens up about her journey into the world of tattooed expression, shedding light on her personal inspirations and the profound meanings behind her captivating ink.

Choosing the Canvas: The Story Behind Nicky's First Tattoo

Embarking on her tattoo journey, Nicky shares the intimate story of her first tattoo, a sprawling masterpiece adorning her spine. This tattoo serves as a tribute to the angels who have touched her life, an artistic ode to the souls that carried her love with them.

Grandfather's Legacy: Nicky's Favorite Tattoo

Delving into her favorite piece, Nicky reveals the sentimental value behind her right arm tattoo. A canvas adorned with a painting crafted by her grandfather, this inked masterpiece reflects the timeless connection between art and family.

Breaking the Stigma: Nicky Fit on Tattoos and Industry Prejudices

In a candid discussion, Nicky addresses the prevailing stigma surrounding tattoos in certain industries. While acknowledging the progress made, she emphasizes the need to live and let live, fostering a mindset that embraces individuality.

Balancing Act: Navigating Personal Life and a Career as an Inked Model

Nicky Fit shares her unique journey of balancing multiple career paths, from automotive and textile industries to modeling and restoration. Her ability to find fulfillment in various endeavors highlights the versatility of an inked model’s life.

Defying Judgment: Nicky's Response to Discrimination

Unfazed by occasional judgment, Nicky dismisses negativity with a simple truth – ignorance is the best weapon. Her resilience and self-assuredness stand as a testament to breaking stereotypes in the modeling world.

Beyond the Horizon: Nicky Fit's Aspirations

Looking ahead, Nicky envisions creating her own company, investing in a quality life. Beyond the realm of modeling, she shares her ambition to explore the North Pole, embodying a spirit of adventure that transcends the boundaries of her career.


Ink without Regret: Nicky's Tattoo Philosophy

Nicky Fit proudly declares that she harbors no regrets about any of her tattoos. Each piece tells a story, and she encourages thoughtful consideration and genuine connection to the art before getting inked.


Meaningful Ink: The Mexican Katrina and a Stolen Heart

Nicky opens up about the most meaningful tattoo on her canvas – a Mexican Katrina kissing a skull, a poignant symbol of the man who stole her heart. This tattoo encapsulates the profound connections that ink can forge.


Wisdom Inked: Nicky's Advice to Her Younger Self

Reflecting on her journey, Nicky imparts wisdom to her younger self, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful consideration and genuine connection to every tattoo. A reminder that ink should be a reflection of one’s true self.


Gratitude and Aspiration: Nicky Fit's Daily Reflection

Every day, Nicky expresses gratitude for her health – a cornerstone of her vibrant life. Her most exciting future plan? To venture to the North Pole, a testament to her adventurous spirit and zest for life.

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The Design Process

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